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Dark forces are at work in Hong Kong to reincarnate a great evil...but the Secret Avengers and that great evil's son -- SHANG CHI -- are also on these dark streets! As is a new secret member of Marvel's hottest covert Avengers team!


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The Best Avengers Book By Far. 0

 With the market almost flooded with books with the word Avengers in the title it can at times be hard to figure out which one is the "best".  Let me make it easy for you and end the argument right now.  Secret Avengers (with the Children's Crusade in at a close second) is by far the book that is setting the bar for the Avengers books.Brubaker is working his magic all over this book and Steve Rogers is more than proving he has what it takes to be the worlds top cop.With plenty of intrigue and gu...

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Bullets of Steele 0

As Brubaker starts to assimilate more the characters, making they interact and create some roots per say, Deodato continues to feel very chill and easy penciling Marvel´s Top Cat and his shadow agents. The perspective of this book is very interesting, since it´s a shadow war: the Shadow Council (who´s planning something major and vile) and Secret Avengers (whose leader isn´t working straight from the book, boy´s scout and walking the complete righteous path of Captain America anymore), the first...

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Eyes of the Dragon, Part Two 0

I'll get my disappointment out of the way right away... where in the blazes is Moon Knight??? Ok, that's out of the way... Shang Chi, Steve Rogers and Black Widow are being attacked by Hai-Dai warriors.  They are out to capture Shang Chi, and are successful. This is great Avengers action.  Teamwork and strategy at it's best.  How sneaky of O'Grady?  I did like how he still shows a bit of a lack in self confidence.  After he causes the ship to crash, the first thing he says is "Rogers is gonna ki...

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