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MC Escher would be proud.

Review for Secret Avengers #18.

The Story: The Shadow Council wants to get some Transmatter that could destroy the universe.

The Good: Ellis really knows to give artist's a huge playground in order to let them draw big things. Here we have Aja drawing in a very MC Escher fashion since this the Secret Avengers are in a space station that connects to an alternate earth. The way the fights play out with all the steps and the way Aja repeats panels but gives them something different to look at. Also the first fight is so very brutal I cringed at a couple of moments. It seems that Ellis has these issue down with a very simple formula.1) Get thrown into the action, 2) Get exposition (preferably Beast), 3) Beautiful 2 page spread, 4) Action and make it big, 5) Resolution but have one of the character feel bad at some point in the issue. This just proves Ellis is a master comic writer who doesn't see this as a challenge.

The Bad: Nothing.

The Verdict: Ellis has writing the Secret Avengers down to a five point process and it works. These feel like secret mission this team would go on and he has great artists working on it. This is a buy.


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    There is very little wrong with this issue.  The one-shot direction the series is following as of late pays big dividends here with an awesome story.  Part of the appeal here is the simplicity which is being used.  Instead of a whole coast of characters the action here focuses primarily on three, Steve, Sharon (for whom it is is nice to see out of the cockpit) and new recruit Shang Chi.  another aspect of the simplicity is the overall lack of dialogue, at least once the explanation of what is oc...

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