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Review for Secret Avengers #17.

The Story: Some sort of truck driver is terrorising a part of Serbia and Steve and his must stop him.

The Good: Like last time Ellis give us a simple premise that gives him space for another high end action issue.The banter between the characters seems very organic and Ellis is doing the smart thing by having four members for each issue because he can focus some more. This issue goes at a very high speed rate because this is one insane vehicule chase. The reveal at end the as to what the drivers backstory is seems to be making a comment that country's don't like dealing with there own problems. I liked Kev Walker's art up to a point, he a does a good Steve, vehicules and the villain.

The Bad: I find his rendition of Rhodey's new armour really ugly, it's supposed to look slim and stylish but it doesn't. Sharon looked dazed all trough out the issue and the same goes for Valkyrie. Also this issue went a bit to fast, not enough reading in this but maybe it's because Beast wasn't in here. Also no MI: 13, I really wanted to see Ellis take on them.

The Verdict: This is another fun issue with a big action good banter but the art and hoiw short this issue feels really takes away some points for me. This is a buy.

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