matkrenz's Secret Avengers #12 - The Trouble With John Steele - Part 2 of 2 review

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Improving WWII.

Issue #12 of Secret Avengers.


The Story: Steve,Beast and Prince of Orphans (PoO,don't laugh) take out John and put him back into the machine to see what he happened in WWII.


The Good: I like to imagine that each writer has there playground and for Brubaker it's Marvel WWII because he's adding the Shadow Council to it.They are kinda helping the Nazis with some magic.Ive been digging John Steele here on Secret Avengers,he has an interesting backstory and what the Shadow Council wants to do with him it's interesting.All the fights in this issue are good.Also I still think that the art is very fitting.


The Bad: I just taught that Steve,Beast,PoO (don't laugh) defeating John is a bit to easy.Also Steve and PoO fights against the giant bug felt forced.


The Verdict: This is a good end to this 2 issue arc in wich we do learn more about John Steele and the art I like very much.This is a buy and goodbye Ed Brubaker.

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