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Not a fan of this art style, sorry to be so frank, but I really don't like it.  I like the color selection for the title, as I usually like when series change their coloration on the covers.

The Good:

It's very reminiscent of Inception, and as other reviewers mentioned, that's pretty much the only bonus.  The zombified monster in the midst of the issue is pretty cool too, but these are sadly the only two things that I can think of that are even worth mentioning.

The Bad:

The art is horrid, the pacing is terrible, the story is pretty boring.  I'm really looking forward to the next story arc following this, though I hear that Brubaker would not write this any more, which is very unfortunate if true.  I guess when it comes down to it, I just don't care a single bit about John Steele, so it's really my fault for picking it up knowing very well what would entail.  I was just hoping that maybe Brubaker would surprise me.  He's a terrific writer, he's just writing about a character that I don't care about, which isn't his fault.


I would give it a higher score if it wasn't for the fact that the art was too distracting for me. Mr. Conrad does a bearable job in the X-23 issues (in my opinion, of course), but  I'm sure others would like this style; it's not one that would turn away all readers by any means, it's just not my thing unfortunately.  The character is also pretty boring, and Brubaker really tries to give us a good story, but he can only do as much as he can with a character lacking as much substance as John Steele does.  I do admit his past could be intriguing, but it's just not done well here.  


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    Issue #11 of Secret Avengers.  The Story: Beast and Steve look at John's memories to see how he became evil.  The Good: It's pretty obvious that Brubaker saw Inception because this whole machine that let's you see and what Steve does,wich is entering John's memories is kinda similar to the technologie from the movie and I loved that movie so taht's a plus.Also the bantering between Steve and John is really good and feels really natural.Also we get more backstory about John,where it seems he beca...

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