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The first issue of the Secret Avengers finally arrives! The great Ed Brubaker writes for this series and we get the privelage of seeing Mike Deodato Jr draw this series. The combination of Brubaker and Deodato Jr is fantastic. No other two creators could have made this such a good comic. I have to say i have been looking forward to this series coming out, and i wasn't disappointed when i picked this up. This was the first comic off my pull list that i picked up this week and read.(even though i'm really looking forward to reading Amazing Spider-Man this week. Lol.) Brubaker writes a great first issue here. We get to see the Secret Avengers form together, with Steve Rogers leading the team. I thought it was awesome that we finally get to see Steve run an Avengers team again. This team of Avengers isn't your run of the mill team though. This "Secret" Avengers team will be going on missions that no other Hero outside of the team will know about. Some really shady stuff is going on in the Marvel universe and this team of Avengers will be going behind the scenes to put a stop to some of the evil doings in the shadows. The writing of this comic isn't the only thing that makes this such a great read, we also get some sweet art in this. Deodato does an excellent job drawing these characters. He makes them look so realistic. This guy has def got to be one of my personel favorite artists out there. I'm not going to say much about what happened in this comic so as to not spoil things for those who havn't read this yet, but i will say we meet a new secret organization here in this comic. And an old friend is part of its ranks. All-in-all this was a good read, and i'm glad i picked this up. I'm sure this first issue will sell out pretty fast so don't wait too long to pick up yourself a copy.


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Bought it today after school cant wait to read it, im excited to see my main man moon knight in a group, Its goin to be awesome!

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