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The first issue of the Secret Avengers finally arrives! The great Ed Brubaker writes for this series and we get the privelage of seeing Mike Deodato Jr draw this series. The combination of Brubaker and Deodato Jr is fantastic. No other two creators could have made this such a good comic. I have to say i have been looking forward to this series coming out, and i wasn't disappointed when i picked this up. This was the first comic off my pull list that i picked up this week and read.(even though i'...

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New Covert Ops team 2

I guess wanting some time away from the wonderful spotlight of being Captain America, good old Steve Rogers decides to play James Bond with his own selected team.   The Good: - Artwork was great, Mike Deodato did a really good job in making these characters stand out and how easy it was to see their character and reactions. I even like how you can easily follow the fighting scene with Steve Rogers. -The storyline was really progressive and not random at all, even all the characters in the team h...

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It delivered. 0

Boy, have I been waiting for this one. Ever since the little mystery teasers started appearing in Marvel ads, I've been pumped for Secret Avengers, and even more so since the team was officially announced and it wasn't just guess work. I actually was afraid I'd hyped it too much in my head, and anything they did was going to be a let-down. Thankfully, I was 100% wrong. Everything in this issue delivered in a solid way. They bypassed a lot of the first issue "how the team got together" stuff, lim...

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Secret Avengers Issue 1 0

The Heroic Age is here, and the first book new Avengers book not written by Brian Michael Bendis is here. Now, I love me some Bendis, I mean, he got me into Avengers. New Avengers was my crack for quite some time. But Brubaker amazes me every chance he gets. Whether it be his Captain America or his Immortal Iron Fist, he knocks it out of the park. His Uncanny X-Men is one of the best team books I've read in a while (Some don't like it, I do) so his Avengers book will naturally entice me. And it'...

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Avengers Assemble...Secretly! 2

Plot & Action: It's your usual first issue team book. We've got a mission, or in this case a few different stages of one larger mission, juxtaposed with how this team was recruited. It's pretty simple, but well executed. It's nice to see all these characters get page time. It's also good to see them make progress on this mission. That last page definitely makes me want issue two right now. Character Work: I feel like Ed Brubaker allowed each character to get their feet wet, so to speak. I'm ...

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Well it's here 0

Secret Avengers #1  This Book was being pimped by Marvel for almost 2 months.  Everybody was wondering what to expect from this very eclectic bunch of Avengers.    My first thought was..."Isn't Nova in Space?"  Really any way you look at it he should be.  This book alone and Richard Ryders presence make me question the entirety of Marvel 616 continuity.  He is either in space with the Nova Corps or he is chasing Cancerverse Quasar to the fault.  All this does is make me wonder if D&A's cosmi...

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Brubaker Strikes Again! 0

I usually like to think I'm above being suckered by hammy advertising, but Marvel had me pumped for Secret Avengers. Brukbaker's name on the cover sealed the deal. Any issue of a comic written by Ed Brubaker is a cinematic experience. His work on Captain America has taken a beloved figurehead and turned him into an exciting player in the Marvel universe. This issue sets up the same amazing espionage intrigue and action I've come to expect from his writing. Deodato's art is a worthy compliment to...

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Secret Avengers: The Namor1987 review 0

So this was an AMAZING 1st issue in my humble opinion. Everything from the team chemistry, to the use of colors, the environment to help set the mood, & plot/story line.   GOOD:  The good points for me were I loved how they made the Avengers mesh so well like Ant-Man & Moon Knights pairing & little conversations was great comedic-relief for me. Plus the character's who had a lot of development in their motives for being on the team really intrigued me.     BAD:  This may sound really...

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Shhhhhh secret avengers review. Don't tell! 0

Story The story starts in Dubai where Black Widow, Valkyrie and Steve are on a mission and thrown into the action right away. The three were after a box that had a green ora coming from it so they got it and left. Beast notices a problem with what they captured. They were trying to get the serpent crown and it is not it. Sharon and Steve are in a relationship. Moon Knight and Ant-Man are at Roxxon corporate headquaters to get info on the serpent crown. Later Nova is in space to get the real serp...

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Now This Is The Way You Start 0

If you read my review on Avengers you will have noticed I was a little less than happy with it.  Secret Avengers though fires on all cylinders and is how you should go about relaunching a title (This is basically Dark Avengers for the Heroic Age).  You have a team that makes no sense at first then as the story kicks into gear you start to not just like love it.  Unlike how Steve approached the Avengers team in telling them why they are there this team is about offering many members a a c...

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Secret Avengers #1 Review 2

     Ok so here we go, the beginning of a new era in  Avengers books. When they first announced this book back in March, I will be honest. I was skeptical.After they revealed the cast through a series of blacked out silhouettes I was not really sure how they would bring this whole cast together. But then I realized there was one common denominator to the whole team, Steve Rogers. I know  would follow him in battle if he asked. Steve along with Valkrie,Black Widow, Ant-Man (Eric O Grady), War ...

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Awesome. 0

I really didn't have any expectation's with this book but thankfully i found myself rereading this issue over and over again because it was just that awesome.Ed Brubaker was able to put al the characters personality's perfectly in this issue,from Valkyrie's not wanting to be used by some sleaze-bag to Eric being kind of a douche and Moon Kinght's entrance coming down from the celing was frigging awesome.Some people might not like the really dark inking in this book but since this is a black-ops ...

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"Stealth tactics and preemptive intervention" 0

100 Words Or LessSteve Rogers, the first Captain America, has assembled a black ops team consisting of War Machine, Beast, Valkyrie, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Moon Knight, Sharon Carter, and Nova. Together, they are the Secret Avengers, specializing in covert missions, employing stealth tactics and surgical strikes, without letting anyone know who they are. Their first mission was to retrieve the Serpent Crown. What they got instead sent them on a recon mission to Mars. When one of their own is lost...

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Appetite for more 2

In terms of what a first issue of a team boom should so, this one covers all the bases.  The characters are introduced, sometimes by file and sometimes by fire, but all the characters are defined by their roles through their actions within.  In that it starts with two well defined female characters (Valkyrie and Black Widow) it sets the tone that they are aiming for a series here unlike others, and the rest of the issue mostly follows this tone.  The subsequent introduction of the other characte...

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