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Secret Agent Zero first appears in Danger Girl #2 disguised as a rural French man willing to give the Danger Girl members a lift. This is Secret Agent Zero in a nutshell - always secretive, often in disguise and willing to help the Danger Girls whenever they need it.
His background is shrouded in mystery, but we soon learn that he has some connection with Deuce in Danger Girl #4, when the two exchange intel. It seems Deuce had done Agent Zero a favour years ago. Both speak about past regrets and making amends.  Further insight into his past becomes clear when he faces off with the villian Assassin X ( Danger Girl #6 and #7), a former colleague who shared the same sensei many years ago. Apparently, Assassin X was responsible for their master's death and Zero has deep anger towards his once friend Assassin X.
The Danger Girls first come face to face with Zero after Eddy Owen's house is destroyed by Major Maxim. It is apparent from a tattoo on his left arm that he is or once was a member of the Hammer, an evil organisation trying to rule the world.
In Danger Girl #7, Secret Agent Zero can be seen clutching a photo of Abbey Chase as a child saying,  "Looks like you've finally found a good familly, Abbey. I'm just sorry I couldn't be a part of it."


Weapons : Proficient in firearms, explosive devices
Combat Skills : Kung-fu, street fighting
Other skills : bomb making, master of disguise, piloting various vehicles

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