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Wait so how many Thors are there again? (Secret Wars #2 Review)

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I love Secret Wars alright but this is pretty much the most boring (but still significant of course) issue. Probably the Thors made it boring for me cause I'm not really a fan but, the awesome part is, they found a ship (we find out later on that it's Thanos'). While the Thors found a ship, there's a thing going on between Baron Sinister and Captain Britain. Captain Britain is exiled to The Deadlands. A place that is ran by zombies (Venom looking creatures) and Ultron drones (sounds pretty creepy eh?).

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Even though I said it was boring, it started getting more interesting towards the end again. If you like the series, make sure not to miss buying this semi-boring issue out. This is the part you see how Doom acts around his pawns and how he changes when his wife (Susan Storm) approaches him and uses her charms (figuratively) on him.


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