Sebastien Mallory

    Character » Sebastien Mallory appears in 9 issues.

    Sebastien Mallory is one of LexCorp's fastest-rising Junior Executives. He is an "enemy" of Jimmy Olsen and is interested in Chloe Sullivan.

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    Sebastian Mallory was created as a nemesis for Jimmy Olsen by Nick Spencer and R. B. Silva. He first appeard in Action Comics number 893.

    Major Storyarc

    Sebastien Mallory is one of LexCorps fastest-rising Junior Executives. He hates Jimmy Olsen and Jimmy hates him. Sebastien describes himself as "LexCorp's bright young star!". Chloe Sullivan did a story about him. After the arrival of the Dalwythians, he tried to convince Mayor Fleming that Metropolis must be the host for their party. Mayor Fleming agreed, on the condition that Sebastien must work together with Jimmy. He didn't like the idea, but in the end, Sebastien and Jimmy worked together. Sebastien took the aliens and Jimmy to a club in Metropolis but the evening ended in a fight. Later he tried to took over the world with a manipulated version of the Superman-Game but he was stopped by Jimmy and Chloe.


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