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    The eldest son of Felix Faust, Sebastian is the white-sheep of the family who works to cultivate himself a mystic hero. A prominent soul-mage and warlock who practices black magic, he is also recognize as being among most dangerous magic users to the superhero community on Earth due to his checkered involvement with Enchantress. In addition to once being a member of the Sentinels of Magic, Checkmate, and Outsiders, DC Rebith also casted him as a former A.R.G.U.S director gone rogue.

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    One Big Cursed Family

    At an early age Sebastian Faust was exposed to magic. However, only his mother ever called him by is first name. His father Felix Faust was always into magic and slowly brought his whole family into the dark arts. Shortly after Fausts sister Fauna was born, his mother developed leukemia.

    Faust watched as Felix slowly tainted his mother with magic by getting her to sacrifice small animals, then to babies to try to relieve her pain. Finally Felix turned his attention to his own flesh and blood, Faust himself. Felix taught Faust to work through demons to access their powers, and took him to what he thought would be an initiation into the mystic rites. Felix however tricked Faust and sold his soul to the demon, Nebiros. In return Felix was to be granted the power to initiate magic. Nebiros fooled Felix and gave the power to initiate magic to Faust instead. Although Faust had no soul he was able to tap into "soul magic". Faust has made this form of magic his life work.

    Fausts mother, still stricken with leukemia, was killed in front of him and his sister in a car accident. A semi t-boned the car they were in, killing her. Faust ran away from home shortly after, and Felix turned his attentions to his sister, Fauna. A similar deal was made, and the girls soul was also sold, but once again Felix made no profit of this. Fauna's granted powers left Felix uninterested in her, and she eventually ran away from home as well.


    As an adult, Fausts work took him to the countryside of Markovia. Here he was hunting vampires when he ran into the Outsiders. The body guard of Technocrat's named Charlie Wylde was mauled by a bear and Faust was asked to save his life at any cost. But there is always a cost when it comes to Faust and his magic. In order to save Charlie, he was morphed with the bear, becoming half man, half bear.

    In spite of this the Outsiders allowed him to stay on the team, but told him not to use his magic unless there was no other way to over come an obstacle. Indeed he had his right arm ripped off in a battle with the Eradicator. He vanished for a short time and came back with a tattooed arm that possibly belonged to one of the Markovian soldiers. When questioned he just said he put someone else's arm on.

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    Faust had a bit of a romance with fellow team member Halo. Though it was unclear if it was the soul of Violet, or Gabby he was with. Things became clear after Halo was killed in a blast from Sanction. Once again Faust was asked to do something, so he did. At a price of course. Technocrat's wife Marissa, who was killed in the same blast as Halo became the host of Gabby, and thus Halo. Technocrat had trouble dealing with his team mate inhabiting the body of his dead wife.

    Faust encountered his sister during one of the Outsiders later missions. He was eventually able to defeat her. She returned their father, Felix, who tricked the Outsiders into retrieving the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath and the Green Bell of Uthool. Both items are powerful artifacts in the DC Universe. In the end, Felix was defeated by Faust and the Outsiders. Not too long after, Faust left the Outsiders.

    Day of Judgment

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    The Sentinels of Magic were formed when the Spectre was bonded with the fallen angel Asmodel and started to run amok. Faust agreed to join them and bundled up a bag of bones, which he purchased from a barter in Paris. The heroes he descended into hell, and Faust prove to be a valuable ally and source of information. At one point the the when the heroes tumbled into the river Styx and he alone was unaffected due to the fact he had no soul. In hell, he confronts Nebiros, current owner of his soul. Using the bones in his bag, he resurrects the Blue Devil and after the defeat of Nebiros, Faust's soul was returned to him. This however did not last more than a few minutes, for the fires of hell were needed to be relit in order to return the deamons running amok on earth. To do this, an innocent life would have to be sacrificed. With little hesitation, Faust slit the Enchantress' throat and cast her into the pit. Upon this act, Faust's soul was taken from him.

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    Though he did what had to be done to relight the fires of hell, at the cost of his own soul, none of the other heroes fully trusted him after that, especially Batman and the JLA. He continued to work with the sentinels of magic well after the Day of Judgement.

    Black Baptism

    Faust finds himself drawn to June Moon, the Surviving half of the Enchantress. She has turned into little more than a vegetable, being kept in an institution. Faust confines in her that he has felt nothing since he lost his soul, but when he is near her, he feels empty.

    The JLA calls him in after his fellow Sentinels of Magic have become afflicted by demons. Getting to the bottom of this, Faust works with and against the JLA. It is reviled that his father Felix is being used by an immortal entity known as Hermes Trismegistus. Faust faked his own death and saved his father Felix. After all Felix did to his son, Faust still regards him as family.

    June Moon is brought together with her demon and made whole; she was dubbed Soulsinger and taken under the wing of fellow Sentinel of Magic, Dr Occult.


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    Faust is began working for Checkmate as their Gamma Rook. He has done much to fortify the infrastructure, and is used as an operative from time to time. During one mission for Checkmate, he and his fellow Rooks had their DNA mixed with that of Starro the Conquerir to complete their mission objectives. It is to be noted that he is no longer wearing sunglasses and his eyes appear normal.

    Brightest Day

    Coming to the aid of fallen Alan Scott, Faust tells the JSA members that Alan's afflictions are the first omen for the end of the world. Earlier his father, Felix, ran amok in a small village in Mexico. Sebastian was able to defeat his father, something he was unable to do on his own before. Felix has admitted that he has no recollection of the events in Mexico. Since then Sebastian started observing the Magical and Elemental Metahumans for anomalies, and upon finding them, followed the trail to Alan Scott. Starheart was revealed to be responsible for the possession of the Metahumans.

    DC Rebirth

    In the Prime Earth continuity, Faust served as A.R.G.U.S.'s leading mystic director and was considered the top wizard in America. However, when he fell in love with a dryad who soon bore his child and she became ill from a magical spell he caught in one of his missions, he soon turned from good graces, stole all the artifacts in the Black Room, and usurped control of the mystic terror cell Cerebus in order to realize his plans of destroying all magic. He eventually fought against both the Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad Black, the latter specializing in dealing with supernatural threats. Eventually, he is defeated and sent to the Justice League to be rehabilitated.


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    Faust was born in Britain. He stands 5'9" and weighs 160 lbs. His hair is black, and his eyes are blue when his soul is present. His right arm is not his own and is hairy with tattoo's of a skull, rose, and thorn above the sleeve line.

    Powers and Weaponry

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    A powerful user of black magic and soul magic that comes from being demonically powered, Sebastian is one of the most dangerous mystics on Earth. He is capable of healing, projecting magical energy, morphing and various other magical acts. He is also able to "Shadow Walk" a type of teleportation that works only from shadow to shadow.

    Through his soul magic, he is able to tap power from other peoples souls, (ie he taps Superman and gains some of his power). He can also replenish is "manna" for spell casting by tapping other peoples souls, but takes on some of their personality traits, ie, he gains manna from the joker and starts to grin slightly. Faust also suffers from a fear of heights.

    In addition, he carries a belt with pouches that are able to carry more than they appear, aptly dubbed a "pocket dimension". Faust also suffers from a fear of heights.


    In DC Rebirth, he is instead a backwards spell caster like that of Zatanna. Having astute knowledge of the occult, he is considered the most powerful wizard in America and a unmatched mystic in A.R.G.U.S., he is capable of creating mystic shields, creating magical constructs, and a variety of other mystic feats. He is also a skilled leader and capable of being deceptive like that of his father.


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