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    Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and has been the home of many superheroes over the years.

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    Outside of Comics

    Seattle is the largest city in Washington. As of 2010 the population was approximately 608,000. Seattle is home to the real-life crime fighters known as the Rain City Superhero Movement.

    Notable Locations

    • Space Needle
    • Capitol Hill
    • Pike's Place Market
    • Pioneer Square
    • University of Washington

    Depiction in Comics

    DC Comics

    Seattle has been home to Jonah Hex, during the series titled Hex, where he was transported to the 21st Century.

    Green Arrow and Black Canary have also lived in Seattle.

    One of Batman's greatest villains, Poison Ivy, was born and raised in Seattle.

    Fictional Locations

    • Sherwood Florist, Black Canary's floral shop, was located in Seattle, on Broadway

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