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There is not any facility that resembles the Seattle Core in the main reality.

Earth 295 - Age of apocalypse

A huge round bulding located on Seattle, serving as human slave pit. Using as controling bred of children and as a Geothermal energy core for the whole country monitored by Sugar Man. It was infiltrated by the members of Generation next as they tried to rescue Colossus's sister, Illyana. She was a girl with latent mutant powers of time travelling, she was necessary for Magneto´s plan to save Realities.

Skin and Chamber hijacked a scheduled bus used by the security at the Core and killed two guards in the process. Meanwhile their mentors, Colossus and Shadowcat, were surveying the perimeter of the core when an "undercloak", a perimeter guard that hides in the shadows on Sugar Man's orders, nearly kills Shadowcat but is saved by Colossus when the undercloak was exposed to light and became tangible to Colossus´ fists.

Minetime, in a downtown spa inside the core, Husk, pretending to be human, was "attending" to the needs of a customer called Quietus, the manager of Seattle Core. After being invited back to Quietus' place, Husk prepared them both a drink and Quietus began to hit on her. However, Quietus had a device which can detect mutants and discovers that Husk is not who she appears to be. But it is too late as Vincente, having turned into liquid and been drunk by Quietus, returned to solid form and Quietus exploded. Thus, they used his files for intel on Illyana.

Mondo cleared the entrance to the core, as Vincente together with Husk disguised themselves as the dead Quietus to gain entrance. Upon entering, and receiving a single from Starsmoore and Skin, they ventured further into the core. Mondo saved Ace, a little girl living with Illyana, that was falling and later found Illyana and got her inside his body to escape. He is transporing Illyana out of the mines using the form of a guard. As Mondo had hidden Illyana inside his body, he is consuming her by the minute.

Above them, Sugar Man had cornered four of Generation Next and demanded Quietus (Husk and Vincente) to kill Chamber. An impatient Sugar Man used his tongue to pierce Husk's false body of Quietus. The game was up and they all revealed themselves. Sugar Man ordered his underlings to attack them.

Colossus arrived and ordered them all to find Illyana at once and extracted her from the core immediately. Sugar Man heard this and burrowed his way underground to find out just what the reason was that the young X-Men decided to come on this suicide mission.

Down under, Mondo fought of several guards after blowing his cover and cames across the little girl Ace again. Ace begged him to take her with him and he sympathetically obliges. Just then, Sugar Man's tongue pieced Mondo's abdomen and Illyana popedout of his chest. Sugar Man had Illyana though not for long as Colossus fell straight on Sugar Man's head. He subsequently stampped and punched Sugar Man to a pulp.

The battle had become fiercer and all the human slaves are now fighting toe to toe with thier captors. The Generation Next team's escape seems all the more insurmountable. The team wereattacked from behind but Shadowcat, who had been hiding in Colossus body, jumps out and deflected the enemy's attack. The team is hit and splitted, and Colossus took the executive decision that Illyana must came first. He ordered Shadowcat to transport him and Illyana to the surface, leaving the team defensless underground. The young members of Generation Next wereall but doomed, but Colossus, convinced his wife and sister now safe, decided to go back and try one more time to save them. He was unsuccessful and the team were left to fend for themselves.

It is unknown if the facility keeps working in Omega´s reign.


Illyana Rasputin




Enrique and Mat (Human watchmen)

Monte and May (Slaves)

Several mutant and human guards

Other Media

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

Core in X-Men Legends
Core in X-Men Legends

This place appears in 3rd Act where Sugar Man is the boss, but in this ocassion this core is in Ontario, Canada. Due to Angel´s information the team located the core and decided to attacked it. The player is guided by Forge in order to shut down security gate and lower core shields. Finally the team must destroy coolant pumps and defeat Sugar Man.

Ti has the round shape that resembles of comic´s building.


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