Character » Seaspray appears in 56 issues.

    Seaspray is the only Autobot who can explore the ocean, and does not like to return to land and revert back to robot mode.

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    Major Story Arcs

    IDW Comics Continuity

    Seaspray was not show but mentioned as "somebody that changed into a hovercraft" by Prowl. Seaspray along with Barrell Roll were the two Autobots along with seven NAILs that were killed in the first mysterious explosion on Cybertron. Wheeljack later discovers the explosions are caused by Cybertron releasing enery to restore it's moons, the only problem is Cybertron now only has a single moon. This was causing a plasma state like a ball of lightning when released.

    Other Media


    Transformers: Prime

    Seaspray is mentioned in the episode "Loose Cannons" as having once been one of the Wreckers along with Wheeljack and Bulkhead. According to Wheeljack, Seaspray was on a ship out in space but it was discovered by Dreadwing who then blew up the ship and killed Seaspray and also attempted to kill Wheeljack but his ship's armor managed to protect him from the bomb.


    He was picked as the 5th worst Transformer of all time by X-Entertainment


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