Sean Garrison

    Character » Sean Garrison appears in 52 issues.

    He is the father of Wallflower. It is unknown if Sean Garrison retained or lost his mutant powers during the M-Day.

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    Brief History

    In New X-Men, Sean Garrison was brought in to the Academy to offer psychological support to Wither, who was coping with his death touch after accidentally killing his father. Sean was also able to extract information about Wallflower and Elixir's relationship with Rahne. Wither convinced Wither to reviel the relationship if Josh didn't leave Laurie alone. Wither began doing much better and was coping. His success with Wither prompted Cyclops and Emma to offer him employment at the Xavier Institute. He initially refuses due to his other commitments, but offers to look over the students' files. He eventually agrees, but says he will not be able to start until the beginning of the next school year.

    He has not been seen since M-Day so whether or not he kept his powers is unknown. It is possible that because he died during House of M, he died in the mainstream continuity.


    His powers are that of his daughter. His powers allow him to control pheromones that can control people. This can be used to make them tired, scarred and most other emotions. He was even able to make people love him, ie his ex-wife, she was only able to break the control when she concieved Laurie who made her immune to his powers.

    Alternate Realities

    House of M

    He was the caregiver of Wallflower in this reality and Laurie had no connection to her mother. The relationship between Sean and Laurie was completely different and she would do anything for him, even kill. He was a double agent and was about to kill Cypher and Karma who had discoverdd this. Tag entered and saved them by tagging Sean and making him want to get away from himself, this caused Sean to jump out the window and kill himself. Tag did this somewhat on acident because he was so angry about the death of Quentin, his only friend.


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