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    Seahawk and his brother Coldsnap received their powers during an undersea exploration where everyone aboard their sub including their father were presumed dead. Later it would turn out that the brothers were saved and given their abilities by the underwater ruler and hero know as Roman.

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    Marc Barros (and his brother Alex) gained his powers during a mysterious accident that apparently claimed his fathers life. Bernard Barros, a respected marine biologist, was in his submarine , the Avalon II when it was breached by an “unidentified” object.

    Somehow Marc and Alex emerged from the incident with an inherited fortune, and strange new powers. Looking for operatives to assist him in his failed attempts to create a super powered team of operatives, Battlestone contacted the brothers immediately upon hearing about them on the news and got to them before Youngblood could recruit them.

    Of course Battlestone’s motives as always were convoluted by greed, and megalomania (with one of his main desires being the brothers’ money) and it wasn’t long before Alex was killed in battle by Kombat. Being the only remaining original member of Brigade Seahawk managed to gather a 3rd Brigade with a much more powerful and noble team, but again the team eventually disbanded.

    Marc’s current activities are unknown, but rumors about the return of Brigade abound…


    Marc Barros spent a large part of his life in with his father on expeditions, and was used to never being challenged. All of that changed when he became Seahawk, and his impetuous attitude brought a great deal of danger in to his life. Since the death of his brother Marc he has calmed down a great deal, and has become a much more likeable person whose feelings of responsibility have somewhat paralyzed his abilities to act on matters.

    Powers and Abilities

    Seahawk can breathe underwater and move with ease at any depth. He’s superhumanly strong and tough, and can fly through air or water at high speeds. Although Seahawk is fairly agile it is his regeneration factor thats kept him alive which has saved him from damage as serious as having a hole blown right through his chest!


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