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    Jeremy Swimming Bear was dubbed Sea Urchin by environmentalist media but it was a name he did not like because it made him sound cheap and petty. He would come into conflict with Namorita of the New Warriors after she discovered members of his crew smuggling Atlantean artifacts in Staten Island. Namorita followed the smuggler's boat for about ten miles off the docks of Staten Island to a larger shipping vessel with dredging and salvage equipment. Sea Urchin engaged Namorita in combat when she attacked the members of his crew on his boat. Sea Urchin snared her with a heat-conduction coil and then he fired tiny blades that emitted a heat-flash to dehydrate Namorita. Sea Urchin proceeded to beat her and finally scalped a long section of her hair off. A police helicopter found Namorita floating in the water and took her to the headquarters of Oracle Inc which was owned by her cousin, Namor. Namorita told Namor that Sea Urchin was spitting on their heritage and she was going to stop him at all cost. Sea Urchin was three hundred miles off the coast of North Carolina in search of an Atlantean outpost when he was confronted by Namorita donning a special Atlantean armor called the blood-code carapace where the custom behind it was to fight to the death. Namorita was able to locate Sea Urchin because he had to register his shipping route and salvage plans with the Maritime Commission. A fierce underwater battle took place but Namorita proved victorious and returned Sea Urchin to the surface world. Namorita discovered that an old associate named Michael Shauneghann of Project Earth worked undercover on Sea Urchin's vessel and tipped her of Swimming Bear's looting of Atlantean relics in the first place.    

    Story Arcs

    Jeremy Swimming Bear would be released during his trial due to insufficient evidence and continue with his criminal activities when he was smuggling arms to a Russian mob. Swimming Bear hired a mercenary named Cardinal as muscle and he would come into conflict with the New Warriors when they took down the Russian mob during a weapons transaction. The New Warriors eventually took down the entire operations and Turbo caught Swimming Bear as he tried to escape in a helicopter.


    Sea Urchin was created by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley in 1991 and first appeared in New Warriors # 14.  

    Abilities, Weapons & Paraphernalia

    Sea Urchin wears an armored, power suit equipped with various weaponry which included a heat conduction coil to snare opponents, tiny blades he could fire from his gauntlets that emitted a heat-flash to dehydrate opponents and a longer blade that popped out of his right hand. The armor could also emit electricity when grasping an opponent and was also equipped with large claws. The armor granted Sea Urchin enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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