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Located 600 meters below the surface of the Western Pacific and near the coast of the island Yamapalu, this research center conducts training exercises as well as the world's most cutting-edge science experimentation.

On level A it houses a bunch of children who were conceived in space. Their development is tracked by NASA in the zero-G conditions on level A.

On level B the USDA conducts botanical research, specifically the gallsaberry. The plant was eradicated on the island Yamapalu, and now grows wildly on the ocean floor surrounding the island.

On level C, the Navy does marine mammal training and reconnaissance operations. However, most of their dolphins have been eating from the gallsaberry and are now either awol or insensible.

Level D suffered some serious structural damage after a visit from Poyo.

On level E, highly classified and often unclassifiable experiments are conducted. On this level, Sammich J. Harper, an agent of USDA noticed something wrong and was murdered before he could tell his superiors.

The most noticeable inhabitants are:


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