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Ooh look! The purple plot thickens!

After last issue's reveal that Gil and Kadyn have been separated in space, this issue slows down to focus on Gil and how he's dealing with the separation and how they got into the dire situation they're both currently in.

Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum continue to do a fantastic job of writing relatable characters, especially Gil, who's pain and worry can really be felt by readers. Not only that, Gil's desire to find his son is shown wonderfully through his actions. He's unafraid of getting his hands dirty and doing whatever it takes to be reunited with Kadyn. Gil's also shown to be a rather complex character, someone who's always there to be supportive, yet unable to commit to it due to various reasons.

Unlike last issue, issue two takes time to establish some universe building and it's done quite nicely. It doesn't take up multiple panels to explain something, they're quick passing comments that seem natural and don't ruin the pacing of the story. Not only that, Aaron and Hallum show that space in Sea of Stars can not only be beautiful, but also terrifying and unsolved mystery.

The art from Stephen Green and colouring by Rico Renzi has vastly improved from the previous issue. Gil's more expressive and the environments are more detailed (although, last issue mainly took place in one location so this doesn't really count) and colourful in a mysterious "it's space" kinda way.

It's also nice to know that Renzi has other colours than purple in his arsenal, because I don't know how much more purple I could put up with. Jokes aside, the colouring here is magnificent. Renzi uses colour to add to the emotions characters are feeling without it seeming out of place.

One of the things that most readers won't pay attention to unless it's good or bad is how the panels are laid out. If done correctly, it can help with the pacing of the issue and how much can be shown. If done incorrectly, it drastically affects how easy it is reading the issue and because of that ruins, it ruins the flow of the story. But the point I'm trying to make is that Sea of Stars #2 does panel layouts fantastically, the issue flows beautifully and it's an easy read. It's also nice to just take a moment and enjoy the art for what it is since nothing is crammed together to make it flow.

The story that Aaron and Hallum are telling has potential to be one of my favourite comics of the year, but I'm hoping that as the story begins to get more complex, that it doesn't get lost in telling a story about a family reuniting against incredible odds for the sake of cliche Sci-Fi fantasy.

Score 5/5

First posted on my personal blog on 11/18/2019.

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