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    The Sea Devils are a team of conventional (non-superpowered) adventurers, in undersea adventures.

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    In the 1960's when America was looking toward the skies, young Dane Dorrance looked below the surface to the oceans. He wanted to win his father's prize swimming flippers and prove himself worthy to his father's respect. Dorrance had to locate a legendary sunken treasure. He met Judy Walton, an aspiring actress, on one his dives looking for the treasure. She was searching for the treasure with her kid brother. She wanted to retrieve the treasure so the producers would give her a role in a movie titled Sea Devils. Biff Bailey was searching for the treasure to impress a girl. A friend told him to take up scuba diving, to learn some grace because he was very clumsy.

    The quartet combined forces to locate the treasure. They adopted the name Sea Devils, from the title Judy would never appear in. They explored deeper and further within the sea depths, becoming famous and becoming experts in their field. They spent much of their time battling bizzare villains like Octopus Man, Mr. Neptune, The Human Tidal Wave, Manosaur, and Captain X. They had also discovered undersea civilizations bent on ruling the surface world.

    There is an international Sea Devils with the members of Molo from Africa, Sikki from India, and Miguel from South America. They have also teamed with a magically cursed green skinned amphibian named Man-Fish. They have teamed with The Challengers of the Unknown against the criminal group Scorpio. They have helped against the alien Appelaxians early in their careers.

    The Sea Devils are the defacto paramilitary guardians of Windward Home. Jim Lockhart, the Red Torpedo, and Elsa Magnusson, widow of Mark Merlin, are the administrators of Windward Home. They have helped Wally West and Jay Garrick in defusing a massive underwater explosive device planted by Prometheus in Justice League: Cry for Justice in 2010. The Sea Devils were seen in DC Legacies old Newspaper articles with the help with the Changers of the Unknown and Cave Carson and his Cave Crew to fight a lava monster in the sea and on land and underground. The Sea Devils named popped up as Cave Carson and his Cave Crew in Justice League of America #53 to fight the Green Lantern shield to get the new member of the JLA out of there. There names where brought up by Flash to tell the JLA help from below and the water where helping get though the shield. The Sea Devil's where seen in Booster Gold #44 crossover to Flashpoint. They where military soldiers not ocean divers they where fighting off Booster Gold and Skeets. Dane Dorrance is the leader of the Sea Devil's military team.

    An interesting bit of rumored news is that former Marvel Editor Stan Lee supposedly based his famous Fantastic Four team upon the Sea Devils. There certainly are many similarities between the two groups - four members each, both groups had a lovely blonde girl who just happened to have a younger brother, both teams had a leader who was the boyfriend of the blonde girl and each team's most powerful member was a man who was not the girl's boyfriend. Hence we could compare the two teams like this: Dane Dorrance = Reed Richards, Biff Bailey = Ben Grimm, Nicky Walton = Johnny Storm and the lovely Judy Walton = the just as lovely Sue Storm. It is unfortunate that DC cancelled the Sea Devils run with Sea Devils #35, way back in the mid-1960's. It would have been really neat to have watched both the Sea Devils and the Fantastic Four race through the decades together and to compare the progress and development of each team. Unfortunately, by the mid-1960's, it seems as if the comic readers mostly followed teams comprised of characters with super powers and this fact apparently doomed the Sea Devils, as they were just a team of ordinary humans. In 2013 the Sea Devils where seen in Aquaman #17 as environmentalists and Aquaman called them eco-terrorist from protecting the waters. Sea Devil Dana Dorance was mad at Aquaman because of the War of Atlantis and the deaths of so many innocents people. The Sea Devils where there helping and saving people there and the Sea Devils lost two members of there team in that disaster.


    In 2007 Heroclixs set called Orgins had a Pog of one of the Sea Devils it was Danne Dorance.


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