Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark #1

    Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark » Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark #1 - They Got Mixed Up! released by Image on June 23, 2010.

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    Do not go out at night: GRIZZLY SHARK lurks in these woods. There are many dangers of the deep, but none so deadly as SEA BEAR! Thrill to the adventures of these two exciting new characters. Told in two full-length stories written and illustrated by RYAN (INVINCIBLE) OTTLEY and JASON (THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN) HOWARD. Also featuring a special prose origin story written by ROBERT KIRKMAN!

    Sea Bear

    Pete witnesses the Sea Bear kill his family while on a fishing trip. Then 20 years later he returns to the area and confronts the man that rented his family the boat and learns that the man, named Amos, sacrificed Pete's parents to the Sea Bear on purpose. A fight ensues and more Sea Bear worshipers arrive and Pete kills them all with the help of a mystery woman. Then the pair are attacked by Helix-7, a robot sent by the government to kill Pete. This time the fight leads out to the open water where they are attacked by the Sea Bear. Sea Bear kills the mystery woman, Pete kills Helix-7 and then kills Sea Bear.

    Grizzly Shark

    Donnie and his father are hunting a Grizzly Shark, and are ambushed by a Grizzly Shark and Donnie is bit in two. Luckily Donnie doesn't die due to his fathers quick thinking. Meanwhile Uncle Carl, Jonbob and a Grizzly Shark Specialist are on the way into the mountains but they make a quick stop for ice cream. Later Uncle and the gang arrive in the woods and learn that the Grizzly Shark hates the smell of ice cream. This protects the hunters until it rains and washes the smell of ice cream off. Th Grizzle Shark then kills all except Donnie and Jonbob. Jonbob then kills the Grizzly Shark with his bare hands and carries Donnie out the woods to safety.



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    They got mixed up, but the stories are both excellent 0

    Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark is the harebrained idea thought up by Jason Howard (artist from Astounding Wolfman) and Ryan Ottley (artist of Invincible). They arrived at the concepts from a late night post-conference discussion about what is scarier than a bear in the woods. Their answer was a shark in the woods, but how did the shark get there and where did the bear go? Those ideas lead them to Robert Kirkman (writer of Astounding Wolfman and Invincible). Kirkman’s first question was how did they ...

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