Character » Scythe appears in 8 issues.

    Super Terrorist who carried out an attack on US soil.

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    Character History  

    Early Interactions with the Justice Society of America 

    In 1941, Jay Garrick & Alan Scott teamed up together on a covert mission in Libya. Assaulting a Nazi stronghold, they battled their way through many levels in search of the "Drachen" project. Uncovering the secret lab in the Nazi base, they discover the experiment is still an infant. Alan does not want to kill the child and the two friends end up battling each other and the experiment survives.

    The Destruction of Monument Point 

    Years later Scythe escapes from a CIA "Black Prison" in Afghanistan. He then launches a devastating attack on the city of Monument Point. During the battle, he nearly destroys the entire city and battles most of the JSA to a virtual standstill. After breaking  Alan Scott's neck. Scythe is stopped by Jennifer Pierce aka Lightning after she uses every bit of the city's electrical energy against him. Scythe was sent to a converted bank vault and imprisoned in an escape-proof cell which was designed by Mr. Terrific. With Scythe in custody, Jay Garrick has a meeting with Senator Eagin of the United States Senate.

    Garrick brings up his mission with Alan during WWII and he reveals that Drachen is the German word for Scythe and considers Jay partly responsible for the devastating terrorist attack. However, Scythe escapes his prison during a visit from a mentally disturbed Obsidian. Jay Garrick battles Scythe in the outskirts of Monument Point and just as Scythe was about deliver a deadly blow to Jay, Alan Scott appears out of nowhere. Alan defeats Scythe and almost kills him in the process. This time Senator Eagin took the initiative in imprisoning Scythe and he explains to the JSA that Scythe was dropped into a black hole but Scythe still managed to escape without Eagin knowing. 

    Powers & Abilities

    Scythe has sufficient super strength & durability to battle an entire JSA team consisting of Dr. Fate, Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Lightning, Wildcat & Mr. Terrific to a standstill. He also displayed the ability to easily force his way through Alan Scott's constructs.

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