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When Harold Meachum offered $10, 000 to anyone who could bring in Iron Fist, Scythe set on to confront him. Scythe located Iron Fist in a Manhattan ally shortly after the hero had defeated a group of attackers who had also sought the bounty on his head. Scythe attacked savagely, striking Iron Fist in the head with the grapple-ball, choking him with the chain, and using it to yank him to the ground. Though distracted by recent memories, Iron Fist fought back, catching the scythe by its handle before it could strike him, and he kicked Scythe to the ground. However, the chain was still around Iron Fist's neck, and Scythe used it to pull Iron Fist up against a fence while Scythe tried to skewer him by stabbing through the fence with the blade. Iron Fist smashed the fence, knocking Scythe down, but the infuriated assassin rushed him again. Summoning his chi, Iron Fist struck the onrushing blade, vaporizing it. Unable to conceive of such power, Scythe dropped to the ground and surrendered. He readily gave up Meachum's name when Iron Fist asked who had sent him. The broken Scythe collapsed in a heap.


Scythe was created by Len Wein and Larry Hama in 1974 and first appeared in Marvel Premiere # 16.

Weapons & Abilities

Scythe was a skilled martial artist, specializing in the use of a Kusari-Gama, a Japanese weapon consisting of a weighted chain designed to pull its victim within range of a razored blade at the other end of the chain.


He appeared on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, where he briefly fought Iron Fist before being defeated.


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