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When Maligna set her sights on Earth, Scul & Bean were sent as the advance scouts for the invasion, with the help of Kid Terra who was working for Mr. Null the "brothers" actually succeeded to defeat the TMNT and capture them along with Splinter, April, and Mondo Gecko, with the exception of Raphael who escaped. Shortly thereafter an invading force of Malignoid larvae were sent to Earth in asteroids, the Larvae devoured everything in their path but the invasion was ultimately stopped by the newly formed Mutanimals, Raphael, and Kid Terra who realized the error of his ways. Scul & Bean later resurface for a second, and far deadlier invasion attempt during the story arc Terracide. This attack on Earth ultimately left the Mutanimals and Slash dead. Scul & Bean, along with the entire Malignoid hive, Maligna and Null were also killed at the end of this story when Slash sacrificed his life to prevent them from escaping their Hive-Ship which was crashing into the sun.

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