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    Volume » Published by Fireman Press LTD.. Started in 1996.

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    Comic by Rob Schrab about a world in which one can buy robot assassins out of "venting machines", the most popular of which are intelligent robots that kill a specified target and then self-destruct. The protagonist of the series is Scud, an average Heart Breaker Series 1373 model assassin. On his first mission, he is sent to kill Jeff, a rampaging female mutant with mousetraps for hands, an electrical plug for a head, and a squid for a belt. While on this mission, Scud glances in a mirror and sees the warning label on his back explaining how he will self-destruct upon completion of his mission. Realizing that he doesn't want to die, Scud mortally wounds Jeff, shooting off her arms and legs, then takes her to a hospital placing her on life support ensuring their mutual survival.

    Scud: The Disposable Assassin's main plot follows Scud's career as a freelance mercenary and assassin, working to pay off Jeff's medical bills.

    The series ended in a cliffhanger that wasn't concluded until 10 years later. The final 4 issues were released in 2008 by Image Comics.


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