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Scrounge is small and weak. One would think he'd be perfectly suited to spying, especially with his 'special' arm, but sadly he has met with very few successes. His eagerness to impress his fellow Autobots has made him exaggerate the importantness of his finds. Now his Autobot colleagues doubt anything he discovers. He does have one friend in the Autobot ranks in Blaster. Scrounge has, what he calls, a "special arm", which as wired-guided audio and video receptors in its fingers. He transformed into a Cybertronian wheel.

Marvel comics continuity

Following up a lead
Following up a lead
It was Scrounge that discovered information on the whereabouts of the long lost Ark. Given his past record he was ignored by the Autobots and his friend, Blaster. Knowing he was right and determined to prove himself he sneaked into the Decepticon stronghold of Darkmount. He was soon captured and had his special spying arm ripped from it's shoulder by Straxus who then tossed Scrounge into a smelting pool. Blaster arrived on the scene to save his buddy, but Scrounge was little more than a melted torso. He died a heroes death by getting the information about the Ark to the Autobots.

IDW comics continuity

Scrounging in the Cybertronian slums
Scrounging in the Cybertronian slums
Before the war on Cybertron, Scrounge can be seen rumaging through trash in the slums. At some point after the war had started he joined the ranks of the Autobots. Along with Wheelie, he was assigned to the 'last resort' list of warriors, presumably because he lacked any skills which could help the Autobots on the battlefield.

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