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    Scrier is a godlike being that claims to be the architect of Earth

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    The Scrier claims to be the architect of Earth's past and future. He slept for thousands of years under the Himalayas dreaming of this future before he was wakened by the Silver Surfer. He offered the Surfer a chance to serve him, but the Surfer failed his test when he would not take a woman's child from her. Scrier is the most recent of many names the being has been called.

    Scrier was believed killed five centuries before Atlantis fell. But Scrier will always return when needed. He has been dead and come back several times.

    When the Silver Surfer was infected with a virus of the soul by The Other, the Scrier stepped in to save him. But Alicia Master's did not trust the being and refused his help. It was then that Agatha Harkness agreed to try to help the Surfer. When she could not stop the virus, Scrier returned. He agreed to help so long as the request came from Alicia. She seemed more willing when she knew that he and Agatha knew each other and she agreed.

    Scrier was able to destroy the virus. But at the same time he killed the Surfer. It was the only way to save the world from the virus. But he has further plans, and they buried the Surfer outside of Agatha's Whisper Hill Estate. They perform a seance to bring the Surfer's spirit to them, but this draws the unwanted attention of Mephisto.

    When Mephisto takes control of Agatha's body, Scrier disappears, not wanting to destroy Agatha in the process of removing Mephisto. But when Mephisto becomes distracted, Scrier is able to join consciousness with Agatha and expel the demon. He crushes Mephisto in his hand. After this, he helps successfully resurrect the Silver Surfer.

    Now in the land of the living, Silver Surfer and Scrier go to face off against the Other. Combining their powers, they are able to create a barricade to hold The Other in it's dimension for the time being.

    Years after, Scrier borrowed the Silver Surfer from Galactus, who were once more master and herald, and went to stop The Other, who found a way to free him self from the barricade. Meanwhile Thor was driven to the Other by Rachel, a friend of him. This latter was an entity made of Scrier's thoughs disguised as a human, in order to lure Thor into The Other's hand. This was Scrier's plan to win a truce of half billion years with the Other. It is when Thor has accepted to scrifice him self for the good of the universe, that Galactus acted to stop the Scrier's scheme, and went in a cosmic battle with the two rival entities. The clash between the three powerful beings was so immense that space and time were bent to the breaking point, reality itself was endangered, but thanks to the great effort of Thor, the Silver Surfer and Rachel, they succeeded to stop them and make them realise the acuteness of their fight.

    Finally, the truce was made between the Other and Scrier. For now at least.


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