Character » Scribe appears in 7 issues.

    A writer that along with Weaver try to cronical Groo's life, only to realize how dangerous that truely is.

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    Scribe works for Weaver, a traveling writer. Scribe's job is write down what ever Weaver says, even though more often then not Weaver tell him to erase what's been said. Scribe never says a word, he only listens to Weaver's dictation and copies it down.


    The Scribe is a Groo character serving as a self-portrait of artist Stan Sakai.

    Major Story Arcs

    Groo the Wanderer

    When Weaver and Scribe first meet Groo they have just finished a great heroic epic for their publisher, and are now looking for the next great hero. Weaver misunderstands some soldiers and villages and believes Groo to be a great hero, not the misguided fool of a warrior he truly is. Weaver has Scribe write down all that they have believed Groo to be and sends it off before finding the real Groo.

    Weaver then spends several days fallowing Groo and realizing that Groo is more trouble then hero. Those day Scribe writes down several of Groo's exploits, only to have to erase them when Groo messes up. Weaver then decides to lie and omits Groo's mistakes. Weaver sends Groo on his way and goes with Scribe back to the publisher. There the publisher loves Weavers lies and demands to meet Groo. Weaver and Scribe find a villager to pretend to be Groo, and go to the publisher's party.

    Everything seem to be okay until the real Groo shows up and fight the fake Groo. The publisher is ruined and Weaver and Scribe are forced to run away and hide from the publisher. While hiding they enter a bar and realize that the book about Groo is seen as a comedy to anyone who knows Groo. The run back to the publisher and resell the book as a comedy.

    Later they are approached by a king who loves the story of Groo and demands that Weaver and Scribe bring him forth. The two find Groo but after Groo destroys the king's castle Weaver and Scribe have already ran away and joined some monks.


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