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    Screwed jumps right into the action with our unlikely Frankenstein. The first issue is bloody but fun.

    Screwed, the “oh, my, look at our cool title for a Frankenstein book” first issue of the new miniseries from Zenescope, brings you first person into the life of what appears to be a Frankenstein type monster. And you go into her life with a jolt. (pun intended)

    This being Zenescope, our monster is a hot check. I am not complaining, if I am reading a Zenoscope title, I want nothing less. Our monster also wakes up in a hospital room not knowing who she is and how she got there but she does not someone there is trying to seriously harm her. This sets off a well done fight between our Hot Girls from Mad Science winner and the person that is assaulting her in her first moments of consciousness. This has all the makings for a violent attack of on a confused and vulnerable woman trapped in hospital, but our monster seems to react well to the situation.

    By reacting well, she throws this predator, whom we learn goes by the name “Suture,” around like a rag doll, rips his face off, and kicks him out a window several floors high. It would be better for her if ripping his face off put him out of commission. Alas, it only slowed him down. Then she continues to react poorly to her surroundings, believing everyone around her in the hospital is a monster out to get her. Carnage ensues.

    While we know that the assailant is probably from the same lab she is, we don’t know why our monster has psychotic hallucinations that drive her to believe everyone around her is dangerous, monstrous freak like “Suture” and to attack them. Unfortunately for the people in the way, the monster clearly has super strength. It is clear that the comic is going for a theme of this type of violence. While the bodies pile up, they are strewn there by a fearful, confused, hallucinating product of science. We feel horrible for the poor occupants of the hospital but we realize that this monster does not know what she is doing. It is a Frankenstein moment. And at least she is not using fangs and wearing glitter. And she also has an interesting reboot function.

    Along the way, the book gives us an idea of some of the back story. We learn that Suture, is working for an unknown entity with a propriety interest in the woman. We meet a female FBI agent that must have found the monster’s body, of course thinking she was a normal woman and the victim of a violent attack, and brought her to the hospital. Our final cast members for this issue are “secret agents,” that is how they identify themselves to the FBI, and have some kind of extraordinary clearance that allows them to take over the investigation. Their leader also has a code word that you get the impression gives him some kind of mind control over the rest of the world.

    The book moves quickly and gives you a lot of action. I like how the creators don’t mess around with back story in the issue. They throw you right into a fight and from then on, you learn only so much as can be garnered from the characters as the story happens. You get the monster’s thoughts, but those are mostly confused and based on her lack of memory and understanding. This pacing works well.

    The characters are not well developed, but because they are all in the middle of action and there is only so much dialogue, it works well. As the book goes on, that will be something to watch. Do they get to grow as the plot moves forward? We have an inkling that there is a connection with the monster and the FBI agent. We know that Suture also wants something in return for tracking down the Monster, and we are not sure at all what the secret agents are up to but they appear to have an ominous X Files vibe going. But that is about it.

    So I liked the book. I get the sense that this series can be either good or bad, depending on how things develop. I get no clear feeling of what will evolve, which is what I am sure the creators are going for. So I am excited to see what happens but also holding my breath a little. But for a first issue, it is a solid and intriguing start and I am looking forward to the next one.

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