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Young Scout
Young Scout

Matt Smith became an orphan at the age of twelve and essentially disappeared.   He came under the wing of Ghost, an urban myth who took vengeance on corporate criminals without any trace of his existence.   How the two met is a mystery, however once Matt joined his mentor full time his life became of a mix of secret crime fighting as Scout and hiding from the public under assumed names as he attended school.

New Guard

Telepath found Scout to invite him to her team despite his continuing work with Ghost.   Telepath’s team provided him something Ghost would not: helping the people who he could see that needed help.   Even though he still operated in the shadows, it was the shadows of his teammates instead of hidden within city darkness.   It took time for Scout to adjust to the team dynamic since his entire life as a hero he had been taking orders from Ghost.   After the initial adjustment he takes a sort of background lead during encounters, using natural leadership that his time under Ghost had never shown.

As the team gained media attention, Scout is forced to slip away after every battle to avoid detection.   To the public he wasn’t even supposed to exist.   To hide his identity from the masses he never even revealed his real name to his teammates.   Instead they referred to him as Guy since, even though they could see his face, they didn’t recognize it.

Venus with Scout's utility belt
Venus with Scout's utility belt

Scout was one of the New Guard members captured by the Goth Girls in their attempt to trap the Teen Force 3.   He was kept in a room with Quake and Michael, his arms locked behind him in a machine and his belt and equipment taken from him.   After some time the boys escape and meet up with the rest of their team to take on the Goth Girls again.   Scout focuses on Shriek, a girl with voice-based sonic powers.   He finally manages to use a slime bomb to quiet her once and for all, taking her out of the fight.   He also helps try and take down Rage before Quake does it himself, taking down the colossal girl and the whole building with her.

Once the chaos with the Goth Girls is over another major event plagues Scout more-so than most of the team.   Telepath wants to register the team while he, as a person who wasn’t supposed to exist, couldn’t be registered.   He doesn’t want to leave the team because of the good they are doing and his growing relationship with Kid Quick.   Telepath decides to take the team to to see if they can get around the registration while still keeping Scout on the team.   While there they intercept Taskforce, a government team with years more training than any of the New Guard.   Scout and Kid Quick work together to take out a hoard of guards as well as Paul Revere, Archer and Agent 1 as they work their way to protect the President.   They manage to damage the android Manifest Destiny just as Virtue breaks down the shield and the reinforcements come in.   Scout stays out of the media frenzy; however, presidential permission lets him stay with the team unregistered.   Now that he has a real connection to the team he lets Kid Quick know his real name.

Powers and Abilities

Gagging Shriek
Gagging Shriek

Scout has heightened reflexes and agility, especially for a boy of his age and size.   He also has perfect balance and is considered a prodigy in the areas of acrobatics and the many martial arts that he has mastered.   He is also a natural leader, especially during combat.   As Scout he wears a utility belt which contains offensive and defensive devices such as razor disks, smoke bombs, and liquid rope and shields him from any sort of video camera.

Personal Data

Height: 5’9” 
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Blond


Known Relatives: None, presumably deceased
Citizenship: of Birth : Unknown
Marital Status: Single  
Occupation: Unlicensed superhero
Education: At least some schooling, extent unknown


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