WonderCon 2012: Scott Snyder on Swamp Thing, American Vampire & Batman

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Than GOD he has an editor in his comics! Love his work but MAN can he ramble!

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I love having all my American Vampire in hardbacks, but damn do I wanna read that new 5 issue mini this summer.

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@feebadger said:

Thank GOD he has an editor in his comics! Love his work but MAN can he ramble!

It always seems to me that he rambles so much because he's so excited to talk about this stuff, so I'm mostly okay with it.

I never thought that I would love Swamp Thing and Animal Man so much, but they're probably my two favorite books in the New 52. I can't wait for this crossover to actually happen.

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I have really loved the Swamp Thing book and now i'm psyched to know that he's got this story planed all the way through issue 19!! we're only on issues 7 this month.

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Scott is so G, just bought the trade of his last run on Detective Comic. SOOOO GOOOD. Just have the dude keep writing Batman and Swamp Thing. I have not read American Vampire, but I'm sure its good.


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How can you not love Scott? He's great.

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Awesome stuff! :) Still wish I could have gotten my Batman: Gates of Gotham signed by him, but ah well its cool.

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I love his ramble. Especially when he jokes about all these monster babies he's created. LOL

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Batman always wins, even when its Avengers versus X-Men. Heh

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Yeah, ramble or not, this guy is the next big thing. He's excited about his job, writes some great stories and is a hell of a nice guy.

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It's true, Batman does win everything. Scott, you may be my favorite writer right now.

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