DC's got a keeper in Scott Snyder...

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As a reader of comics for 30 years I've always had my favorite writers and artists. There have always been those special runs that a creative team puts together that sticks with you, causes you to go back and reread, or buy the hardcovers. I think I've found a new creator to add to my list of favorites.  
Scott Snyder has grown into an outstanding comic book writer and storyteller. If you're unfamiliar with his work just keep your eyes open. His stuff is popping up everywhere. And DC seems to understand the talent he possesses because we not only see his influence in writing but also in plotting many of DC's books. In other words his ability to create and structure a story has caught DC's attention which is great news for us readers. 
Snyder started with Marvel but soon after he began his creator-owned title "American Vampire" with Vertigo Comics. In the book, Snyder takes two concepts that have been ran into the ground, vampires and nazis, and creates a period world that is as fresh and original as anything you'll see on comic shelves. Comic fans are also getting to know him by his amazing current work on Detective Comics as well as his participation in the fantastic Batman: Gates of Gotham. And expect to see more of Snyder with the DC revamp coming up. This September he is scheduled to move from Detective Comics to Batman, the flagship book. 
I can't say enough about how much I enjoy his work. He has a way with dialogue and with structuring that is second to none. He's become a writer that will automatically cause me to pick up his book and give it a try. If you haven't read his work, you should do the same.  
(Currently he is finishing out his Detective run. American Vampire is now available in two hardcover collections that I would highly recommend)
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I started reading him with American Vampire and it's quickly become one of my favorite books. Snyder is definitely one of my new favorite writers.

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Snyders very good.
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Possibly one of the best new writers of the modern era.

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