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    Scott Snyder is an American comic writer working for DC Comics and Image Comics. He is known for his work on titles such Batman, American Vampire, Swamp Thing, Superman Unchained, Severed, Wytches, and The Wake.

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    Personal Life

    Scott Snyder was born and raised in New York City. He fell in love with storytelling at the age of nine, when a counsellor at a summer camp introduced him to Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon. After completing high school, Scott would attend Brown University and in 1998 graduated with a degree in creative writing. He left for Florida soon after and began working at Disney World as a janitor and various characters (his most notable is Buzz Lightyear). He was slated to travel to Tokyo Disneyland to be Prince Charming when a good friend convinced him to return to New York. He then attended Columbia University and graduated in 2002 received his Masters in Fine Arts.

    He currently lives on Long Island with his wife Jeanie, and two sons Jack and Emmett. When he is not writing comics, Scott also teaches writing at Sarah Lawrence College, NYC, and Columbia University.


    Early Work

    Scott Snyder established himself as a writer with Voodoo Hearts, a collection of short stories published in June of 2006. It debuted to widely positive reviews, and two of the stories within it, "Wreck" and "Dumpster Tuesday", were chosen by Stephen King for the Best American Short Stories 2007 anthology.

    In 2009, Snyder began writing comics at Marvel Comics with Iron Man: Noir and the Human Torch 70th Anniversary Special. This did not lead to him becoming a regular writer for the publisher.


    Through Vertigo, Snyder began his American Vampire series in 2010 with Rafael Albuquerque and with Stephen King writing a backup feature for the first five issues. The series featured a new mythology on vampires based around the idea that different races of vampire arose when the curse infected new people in new regions, and the series chronicle the rise of the first American Vampire, a sadistic outlaw in the Old West called Skinner Sweet.

    American Vampire was met with immediate critical praise and success. In 2011, Snyder released a spin-off limited series, American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, to run alongside the ongoing series, drawn by Sean Murphy. The following year would see a second mini series called American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares, illustrated by Dustin Nguyen.

    After the series redefining story arc "Blacklist," American Vampire would go on hiatus after December 2012's #34 issue. When the hiatus was announced, Snyder confirmed that both he and Albuquerque would collaborate on a different project, but didn't go into any details. The book is planned to resume publication in late 2013.

    In May 2013, Snyder launched a 10-issue sci-fi series with artist Sean Murphy titled The Wake.

    DC Comics

    Shortly after American Vampire's debut, Snyder was signed to an exclusive contract with DC Comics and became the regular writer of Detective Comics with Jock as his artist. His arc "The Black Mirror" followed Dick Grayson as Batman as well as Commissioner Gordon, and the series was very well received by fans. Snyder's presence in the Batman franchise continued with Batman: Gates of Gotham, a limited series co-written with Kyle Higgins dealing with the secret history of Gotham City.

    Snyder's run on Detective Comics ended with The New 52 relaunches of DC's entire line of comics, where he relaunched Batman with artist Greg Capullo. Along with Batman, Snyder would also launch a new Swamp Thing title, with artist Yanick Paquette. In both his New 52 titles, Snyder would spearhead large stories which spawned many crossovers like The Night of the Owls, Rotworld, and Death of the Family. His new story arc is Zero Year about Bruce becoming Batman.

    A year into The New 52 initiative, Snyder helped launch Talon, a title which spun out of his Court of Owls story in Batman. Snyder would help plot the beginning of the series with a former student of his, James Tynion IV, while the book would be illustrated by Guillem March. At New York Comic Con 2012, it was announced that both Snyder and Jim Lee would team up on a brand new book starring Superman, scheduled for the second quarter of 2013. With his new projects lined up, Snyder confirmed in December of 2012 that the following March's issue #18 would be both his and Yanick Paquette's final issue of Swamp Thing.

    Independent Work

    Despite being contracted as an exclusive DC writer, Snyder was able to write an Image published mini series titled Severed, with a childhood friend of his, Scott Tuft. The seven issue horror series would tell the story of a young boy hitchhiking his way cross-country in the early 1900s United States, who comes in contact with a old grifter serial killer.

    At the 2014 Image Comics Expo, Snyder was a surprise attendee, announcing a new series with The Black Mirror collaborator Jock, titled Wytches. The series launched in October of that year to wide acclaim.



    • 2012 Best Writer


    • 2011 Best New Series - American Vampire (with Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque)


    • 2011 Best New Series - American Vampire (with Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque)

    Stan Lee Award

    • 2012 Best Writer
    • 2012 Man of the Year

    Created Characters




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