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    Person » Scott McDaniel is credited in 549 issues.

    Scott McDaniel is comic book artist with a long runs on various books. Such as, Daredevil, Nightwing, Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and Detective Comics. Currently, Scott was on Static Shock for DC Comics but, the book was cancelled due to creative differences and low sales.

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    BIO: Scott Alan McDaniel has been in the comic industry a very long time. An artist by trade, Scott got his first work at Marvel Comics.

    Scott grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Bucknell University. McDaniel actually started off as an electrical engineer before coming an artist. He would work during the day and at night he would do his art. A friend of his would later take his art into Marvel to get critiques of his work. Before long, McDaniel began to get small penciling jobs from Marvel. Most notably of his work at Marvel was his run on Daredevil the "FALL FROM GRACE" story line. After this series, his popularity started to take off and Scott would later find his way to DC Comics.

    Scott most notable work at DC has been his work on Nightwing. This series catapulted Scott to the status he has today. Next, McDaniel took the reigns on Batman which was equally as impressive as Nightwing. McDaniel has even influenced other artists who do these characters. His signature bats that accompanied Batman and Nightwing would be come his trademark. Other artists in the industry have started using the bats in their panels too.

    McDaniel has a very long and lustrous career in our industry. He has been DC comics go-to-artist for years. He has done numerous fill in book as well.. Scott was on the New 52 series Static Shock but the writer John Rozum resigned from the book, due to creative differences after four issues. The book was already doing poorly with low sales and John Rozum scripts were hitting the mark with the editor in charge. These two factors ultimately sank the book. Static Shock was cancelled after eight issues.



    Daredevil #305-315, #317-327, #328 (Cover), #329-332

    Elektra: Root of Evil Limited Series #1-4

    Green Goblin #1-7, #8(Cover), #9-10


    Batman (2000 - 2002): #575-586, 588-607

    Batman and Robin (2011) #17-19

    Detective Comics (2002): #766, 867-870

    Green Arrow (2006 - 2007): Issues 60-75

    Nightwing (1996 - 2005): #1-40, 101-106, Wizard 1/2, 1,000,000, Secret Files & Origins #1, The Target

    Robin (2005 - 2006): Issues 139-147


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