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Scott McCall was a kid who played lacrosse and had asthma before the fateful evening he was bitten by a werewolf. It was the last day of summer before his buddy Stiles told him that there was a dead body in the Beacon Hills Woods. However it was revealed that it was only half of the body that was found by the Beacon Hills police. Stiles is found by his father who is the local sheriff, but Scott got away before he tumbled and lost his inhaler. Scott used his cell phone to try and find it, but he was soon bitten by a wolf and in fear, he found himself on a street outside the woods and nearly run over by a car. The next morning before school started, Scott removed a very large bandage on the side of his body. His bite was completely healed and he soon realized that there was something else different about him. His asthma was gone and he could hear things from very far away.

Scott told his friend Stiles about it and Stiles jokingly stated that Scott has something called lycanthropy. Something that Scott didn't believe, but Stiles started doing more and more research and he is soon convinced that Scott is a werewolf. Eventually Scott comes to grips with that, but soon learns the dangers of being a werewolf especially under a full moon. Scott however learns that there is another werewolf in Beacon Hills named Derek Hale. Who lost most of his family years ago when his house was set on fire and most of his family was trapped. There were a few survivors including himself because he was away, his older sister Laura, younger sister Cora, and his uncle Peter who was caught in the fire, but entered into a coma. Derek tried to teach Scott how to use his powers, but Scott neither trusted him or even liked him.

Besides Derek and his new abilities, Derek has to continue to look out for the rogue werewolf and a group of hunters who hunt his kind. Scott even begins dating one of the hunter's daughter named Allison, who he flat out refuses to allow him to date her or even let her date Scott. Scott on the other hand eventually learns that the werewolf who bit him was Derek's uncle, who recovered from his injuries and had been faking it. He killed Derek's sister Laura for her power to become an Alpha. As he wanted to avenge his family and kill the one responsible for murdering most of his family which turned out to be Kate Argent.


Scott starts out as a socially awkward kid in high school trying to find himself, but as his powers begin to reshape his life, his personality changes. While still a bit socially distant, he does become much more confident in his life. As a werewolf, Scott will never kill an innocent life and he wants to use his power to help people much to many werewolf's and even many hunter's frustration.


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