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A lot of people like to say how they don't really care for the way that Scott writes his characters and the wordy dialogue they have, I just want to make a point.

Superman Issue 0 saw a return to Krypton for a brief day in the life of Jor-El. Now while I thought this was a killer issue, I could see the wordy dialogue coming into play as the issue went on. Well, think about it this way- English isn't the native language of Krypton, which is a given, so what we read is a general translation from Kryptonian to English, which makes a lot of since I would guess.

Another thing that I would guess people wouldn't like about the 13th issue is the way that Kara came in and started arguing with Kal without either of the two noticing H'el standing above them. What I see in this is kind of a movie scene, two characters are busy talking to each other to notice the shadow clad monster standing behind them with it's jaw dripping with saliva. So this is kind of a good stroke with Scott, he gives us a nice little cliff hanger to open up with in the next issue, but that's just my idea.

So that's just my way of getting through Scott's writing, it's all in the way you look at it. :/

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#1  Edited By comkid100

I don't read the superman series so I can't comment if his style works in Krypton but you've only been able to defend his writing in this particular issue of superman. Scott lobdell also writes Teen Titans & Red Hood and the Outlaws as I'm sure you know. Why didn't bring them up or don't you read them?

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