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The Scorpion!
The Scorpion!

Mac Gargan was a private investigator that J. Jonah Jameson hired to keep tabs on Peter Parker and Spider-Man, to see if the two had any connection with one another. But Peter's spider-sense alerts him to evade Gargan. Eventually J. Jonah Jameson paid Mac Gargan to undergo a procedure by Dr. Farley Stillwell in order to defeat Spider-Man. The procedure was designed to endow his human subjects with the powers of a particular animal. J. Jonah Jameson chose Mac to gain the proportionate abilities of a scorpion because it would be the perfect arachnid predator to Spider-Man. Following genetic modifications, Stillwell outfitted Gargan with a mechanical power-suit to give him a durable exoskeleton with cybernetic stinger. He became the Scorpion!


Scorpion was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in a cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man #19 (1964). He appeared full-on as the Scorpion in Amazing Spider-man 20 (1964).

Major Story Arcs

A Supervillain is Born

But the experiment later came to affect Mac Gargan's mind, forcing insanity. He blamed J. Jonah Jameson for his destroyed mind and tried to kill him, forcing Spider-Man to intervene. Gargan has attempted numerous times to get Spider-Man and Jameson, but Spider-Man always gets to save both their lives.

Wedding Crasher

When Mac learned of the fact that Jonah Jameson was about to marry a woman named Marla, Scorpion became increasingly angry and decided to kidnap Marla, in hopes of holding her for ransom. Jonah could not do anything about the abduction. Luckily, Spider-Man intervened and managed to defeat the Scorpion and save Marla in the process. Mac was then again sentenced to jail and put behind bars.


Enter Scorpion
Enter Scorpion

Some time later Mac escaped prison and had a fight with Ms. Marvel, whom defeated him as well. Scorpion began to believe that his Scorpion suit was stuck to his body, and he started to see himself as a monster in his reflections. Spider-Man later proved this to be a delusion. After experiencing many defeats from Spider-Man, Mac became depressed and decided that he want to redeem himself of his past villainous act. When he met Spider-Man, also experiencing depression, he pleaded to him that he has changed his ways, but Spider-Man beat him bloody. This drove Scorpion's insanity back. Jameson later confessed to the public that he was the one who created the Scorpion when the Hobgoblin blackmailed for his secret.

Roxxon Oil and a New Costume

A New Costume
A New Costume

Scorpion later worked with Roxxon Oil being told that they could help him, but in reality all that he was getting were upgrades on his costume with the promise that he could now defeat his enemies. Spider-Man later convinced him that he was being used by Roxxon just as Jameson did in the past. Scorpion turned on Roxxon defeating them but was then defeated by Spider-Man.

Secret War

Mac Gargan was present in the Secret War in Latveria, where he was recruited by the Prime Minister Lucia von Bardas of Latveria, who had taken over from Doctor Doom. At this time, Mac was given an upgraded version of his Scorpion armor, leaving behind his more recent costume-change. Although the heroes Mac fought against where outnumbered, they still did not manage to defeat the heroes. Mac escaped and returned to America once more.


 Becoming the new Venom
Becoming the new Venom

After abandoning its previous host the Venom symbiote approached Mac Gargan and offered him additional powers. He agreed and became the next host of the Venom symbiote, which he hoped would give him the advantage he needed in defeating Spider-Man as well as securing a place as a part of the Sinister Twelve. However, with the help of other heroes, he was still defeated by Spider-Man. Even though he was incarcerated, it didn't hinder him as with his new powers he would be respected more as a powerful villain. He was later abducted by Stranger, disguised as the Beyonder, to participate yet again in another Secret War. During the events of the war he had killed Space Phantom believing him to be Spider-Man. All the participants were able to escape from the crumbling planet thanks to Gravity's sacrifice, later he is seen mourning his death.


Venom Attacking Steel Spider
Venom Attacking Steel Spider

Gargan later becomes a member of a sub-group of the Thunderbolts, which has been drafted by the Avengers to hunt down the members of the fugitive Secret Avengers and is currently run by the Commission for Superhuman Activities. It is then revealed that he has been outfitted with electrical implants by the government to keep the Symbiote in check. As a Thunderbolt, he is seen as a hero by the general public and has his own action figures. Gargan displays his new raw power as Venom in a battle with Jack Flag, after pummeling Flag for a bit, the hero manages to stab Gargan, who is protected by his Symbiote. Gargan becomes enraged and ferociously manhandles Flag, and is about to feast upon his flesh, when his electrical implants kick in and temporarily subdue him, allowing Flag to live. Gargan expresses fear of the control the Symbiote possesses over him, yet he has become addicted to the raw unearthly power it brings to him, and cannot begin to imagine life without it, similarly to a drug addict. Later, during an attack from Steel Spider, American Eagle and Sepulchre, Gargan loses control again, briefly becoming a huge monster once more, while Moonstone is incapacitated and thus cannot co-ordinate control of his electrical implants. Afterwards, however, he returns to a normal form with no ill effects. Then, he bites off, and devours, Steel Spider's arm during a fight.

After, the Thunderbolts goes after Spider-Man for being an unregistered hero and like everyone else, he has no memory of Spider-Man's true identity, because of One More Day. When Venom and Spider-Man fought, Eddie Brock got into the skirmish and the Symbiote suddenly left Gargan to bond again to Brock, but his skin acted like a corrosive when the Symbiote tried to attached itself. White substance began to appear from Brock's pores and became Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom battled Venom and seemingly cleansed Gargan of the Symbiote but also inadvertently cleansing Spider-Man remaining Symbiote within his body along with his spider powers.

New Ways to Die

Back in the Suit
Back in the Suit

During a mission to capture Spider-Man, in this Venom was attacked by Anti-Venom and his symbiote was almost destroyed. Later, Norman Osborn injected the symbiote with a toxin that healed the suit and had the capabilities of hopefully killing him Anti-Venom. However, while the suit was still healing Mac donned his old Scorpion armor as a way to protect himself and to administer the toxin to Anti-Venom. Later on, while Gargan and Brock were battling he injected Anti-Venom with the toxin, almost destroying the Anti-Venom suit. With this the Venom symbiote fully healed, smashing his Scorpion armor to bits, becoming Venom once more. Anti-Venom was able to regrow his own symbiote costume and fled.

Secret Invasion

Later returning from another mission the Thunderbolts were attacked by Captain Marvel. When Venom tried to stop him he was sent flying through a window and below Thunderbolts Mountain. It was later on discovered that Captain Marvel was a Skrull. Nobody knew what was happening except Osborn. Earth was at war. The Thunderbolts had been sent to protect Washington. When they arrived, Venom thrived in battle, eating as many Skrulls as he could. Later on he was attacked by a super Skrull, and they were both sent flying off they ship that they were on. They both landed among a crowd, and the Skrull quickly changed its shape. Venom, knowing it was hiding then began suffocating people in the crowd with tendrils, trying to find it. When Osborne saw this he reminded the symbiote that while he was all for letting it fulfill its urges, there did have to be guidelines. Venom then continued to do what he was doing before. The Skrull saw all of this and, while changing back into its battle form, called Venom a monster saying that humans would liberate the Skrulls after seeing this. Venom then revealed that it was an act, and that the people had been able to breath the entire time. He said he did this to make the Skrull come out of hiding. Venom then proceeded to attack the Skrull. He badly wounded it with his claws and then started eating it. After Washington, the Thunderbolts continued on to New York, where Thor had summoned all the heroes and Skrulls for a final battle in Central Park. When they arrived, Osborne reminded the Thunderbolts that Skrulls were the target. Venom began to complain, saying that Spider-Man was nearby. He was quickly made quiet. Throughout the battle, Venom continued to kill and eat Skrulls, and was only seen harmed once when he was punched by a Skrull taking on the persona of Giant Man. Venom and the rest of the Thunderbolts made it through the Secret Invasion unharmed, excluding the death of Swordsman's sister.

Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man

Sinister "Spider-Man"

When Norman Osborn became head of the superhero community, he formed a new team of Avengers called the Dark Avengers, where he recruits Gargan and Venom to be on the team. He first fed Venom with a Skrull impersonating Spider-Man and fed him a medication that turns his monstrous form in to more humane look and named him the Spider-Man of the group. As a member of the Dark Avengers, their first mission was to rescue Doctor Doom who was being attacked by Morgan Le Fey. When Sentry decapitated her, he suddenly disappeared and Morgan seemingly came back from the dead. In her return, Morgan took control of Venom and started attacking his own teammates. After Morgana is defeated Sinister Spider-man returns to normal. Later on Gargan is ambushed by the real Spider-man and captured with the help of Sue Richards. He is then sent is sent to the Negative Zone, but later escapes.

Eventually, Venom begins a lone war on crime in the city. During one of his exploits he defeats a bank robber named General Wolfram. After the battle he takes Wolfram to an abandoned building and bites off his arm. Stealing the money from the robbery he leaves for a strip club. Taking one of the strippers home he kills her and places the body in J.J. Jameson’s bed in an attempt to frame him. In another attempt to destabilize Jameson, Venom begins turf war between two rival gangs.

Under guise of a bomb threat Venom is lured into a trap by the Redeemers, a group of villains who had each had limbs bitten off by Gargan, including Wolfram. He easily kills three of them, but the survivors escape and send some incriminating pictures of ''Spider-Man'' to Jameson. J.J. turns to Osborn for help and he sends in Bullseye and Daken to cleanup. In the end Gargan faces off against his teammates, the remaining Redeemers, and the two gangs. Venom is able to defeat all of them with J.J. stopping the brawl. Upon returning to Avengers Tower Osborn states that next time Mac crosses the line, he will personally stop him.

Venom vs Colossus: Round 2
Venom vs Colossus: Round 2

During the Utopia storyline, when the Dark Avengers are sent to quell the mutant riots, Venom faces off against Colossus. With the help of Iceman the Russian escapes. Later, during the final battle Venom laughs off the combined attacks of Trance and Cannonball and after defeating them continues his battle Colossus. However, with the Dark Avengers outnumbered, and the only way to win via killing all the mutant they are forced to retreat.

During the Molecule Man arc, it is shown that the medication he had been taking has affected Mac, making him unstable, and has caused the Venom symbiote to be soft. However, it is revealed that teammate Daken was using his pheromone powers to screw around with Mac's emotions, contributing to his unusual state of mind.


After the Soldier Field incident in Chicago, Osborn assembles his Avengers and tells him of the plan to invade Asgard. Many of them don't like the idea and when Bullseye voices his concerns Venom asks if he is scared to which he replies yes, stating that all of them should be. Osborn tells them that this is an order and if they succeed they are free, to which they agree. During the invasion of Asgard, Venom is seen facing the frontline of immortals, but when Thor appears he joins his teammates in ambushing the God of Thunder. He is also present for Ares’ death at the hands of Sentry.

Venom at the front line
Venom at the front line

Later when the real Avengers join the battle Venom faces off against Spider-Man. During the fight Venom is able to gain the upper hand and Spider-Man almost wins, until Ms. Marvel suddenly arrives ripping Mac Gargan out of the symbiote. Separated from its host the Venom symbiote bonds with Ms. Marvel; taking full control of her body. Spider-Man tries to use a bell from a near-by church but finds out the bell had been removed. Ms. Marvel tried to separate herself from the black suit to no avail. Needing more power Spider-Man knocks her onto electric wires allowing Carol to break free from the symbiote. Returning to Mac Gargan, Venom tries to once again attack the heroes, but Spider-Man webs Venom's legs throwing him in the air where Ms. Marvel beats him with car bumper incapacitating him. After the Void is defeated, Mac is captured along with the rest of the Dark Avengers.

Return as Scorpion

Return of the Scorpion
Return of the Scorpion

During Big Time Mac returns, now separated from the symbiote, in a new scorpion outfit created by Alistair Smythe and is now working with his Insect Army. To get revenge on Mayor J. Jonah Jameson and his astronaut son John once again. They attack the launch site where John is flying the Vertex shuttle into orbit which will meet up with a Horizon Labs space station. Spider-Man appears and weblines to a shuttle that just took off but Smythe has locked down the controls and rigged its booster rockets to explode before it leaves the atmosphere and to make matters worse, the evolved Scorpion appears to kill Spider-Man. With the help of the New Avengers, Spider-Man saves John but Smythe sends his Insect Army after Jonah's loved ones. Spider-Man uses a device that jams all of Smythe's minions' enhanced senses but disables his own Spider-Sense in the process. After Spider-Man defeats the Scorpion, he goes to check on the others but Smythe appears and kills Marla Jameson. Spider-Man then defeats Smythe and for the first time, Jonah refuses to blame Spider-Man and blames himself instead.

After Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man switch bodies, Parker has Scorpion, Hydro-Man and Trapster free himself from the The Raft. They then go after Octavius and in the ensuing battle the phony Spider-Man punches his jaw off.

Hunting Down Jameson
Hunting Down Jameson

While in the Raft's infirmary Alistair Smythe's mini Spider-Slayers heal and enhance Gargan along with Boomerang, and Vulture. Smythe offers them the chance to get back at Spider-Man. After a brief battle with Spider-Man, during which Boomerang is taken out, Smythe sends Scorpion after J. Jonah Jameson, who was there to over see Smyhte's execution, and Vulture after civilians that had been trapped in the Raft. Spider-Man ignores this and continues his assault on Alistair. Scorpion is able to locate Jameson, but is prevented from taking his revenge by Lizard, who had escaped during the commotion. When Otto fatefully stabs Smythe; Boomerang, Scorpion, and Vulture's upgrades are disabled.

Freed from jail and repaired by Alchemax, Gargan is hired to run their Spider-Slayer program. During a trip to sell Spider-Slayers to a foreign country Tiberius Stone is taken by the local rebels. Donning his Spider-Man costume Miguel O’Hara, who had accompanied Stone, goes to rescue him. Unfortunately, Scorpion mistakes him for the present Spider-Man in a new costume and attacks with the aid of the Spider-Slayers. However, with the help his holographic assistant Miguel manages to defeat Gargan by projecting the image of the present Spider-Man's costume over him, causing the Spider-Slayers to attack. Gargan eventually manages to turn them off.


As Scorpion

Mac Gargan was mutated to possess the proportionate abilities of a Scorpion and outfitted with a power-suit to further his new Scorpion persona. Without the suit, Gargan possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift 15 tons, as well as superhuman speed, endurance, and reflexes that exceeded Spider-Man's. His suit provided him with increased durability, pincers on each hand that could tear through Spider-Man's webbing, and an extremely powerful cybernetic tail. Scorpion used his prehensile tail as for both practical purposes and as a deadly weapon. At times, his tail has been given certain additional weapons, such as acidic sprays, electric blasts, or a poison-tipped blade.

After his return as Scorpion, Gargan was fitted with a new much larger suit which is cybernetically wired into him. It is equipped with a more powerful tail, mechanical pincers, and is bulletproof. Gargan's biology was also altered, giving him a "scorpion sense" to match Spider-Man's "spider-sense".

For a time, Norman outfitted Mac with a Scorpion suit while the Venom Symbiote was recovering from injuries sustained in a battle with Anti-Venom. This Scorpion Suit provided added protection from Anti-Venom, allowed Venom to regenerate, and possessed a cybernetic tail/stinger loaded with a super-venom capable of killing Anti-Venom.

As Venom

Gargan's powers have been enhanced after bonding with the Venom symbiote. He also has a few new abilities, such as a shapeshifting, webbing generation, enhanced durability, regeneration, genetic memory (recalling information from previous hosts), and an immunity to Spider-Man's spider-sense. The natural super strength of Gargan combined with the strength of the symbiote allows him to lift (press) 40 tons. Norman provided Gargan a chemical that allows Gargan to more actively control the symbiote and enables him to alter his appearance with more precision so that Gargan could pose as Spider-Man. The medicine must be taken in between periods of times, or else the symbiote would take over Gargan.


Height: 6'2" (Gargan); 6'11" (Variable)

Weight: 220 lbs (Gargan); 895 lbs (Variable)

Eyes: Brown (Gargan); Variable as Venom

Hair: Brown; Variable as Venom

Alternate Scorpions


No Caption Provided

An unnamed individual found the suit in a landfill and teamed up with villains Grey Gargoyle, Razorback, Whirlwind, Bonebreaker, and Sauron. The team was easily stopped by Rocket & Groot.

Alternate Universes

Ultimate (Earth-1610)

Clone Scorpion

The clone Scorpion
The clone Scorpion

In this alternate universe, Scorpion is a clone of Spider-Man. He first appears during the Ultimate Clone Saga arc, and attacks a Mall. After seeing his face, Spider-Man takes him to the Fantastic Four. They reveal that the Scorpion is a clone of Peter Parker, and it's later revealed that he is part of a group of clones created by Otto Octavius.

The Scorpion was last heard of when it was mentioned he was taken into SHIELD custody, and has not been seen since.

Maximus Gargan

Maximus Gargan
Maximus Gargan

An alternate, unrelated version of Scorpion later appears after the death of Peter Parker. This version of the character is a burly, tattooed Latino criminal named Maximus Gargan, who seeks to become the new Kingpin of New York (following Wilson Fisk's death at the hands of Mysterio). He is nicknamed "The Scorpion," and uses a chained hook as his trademark weapon (mirroring the classic Scorpion's stinger).

He is defeated by his former partner, Aaron Davis, who coerces his nephew Miles into helping him take down Gargan.


In the last days of Peter Parker being Spider-Man, Scorpion is a member of the Sinner Six, the latest version of the Sinister Six. He was killed by Spider-Man by being kicked out of the window and falling to his death.


In Earth-A, Gargan is a tourist that has gone through Earth-616, to impersonate the Scorpion in that reality. He was later returned back to his home reality.


In the Marvel Zombieverse, Scorpion is one of the infected by the zombie plague. He is seen collecting food along with Diablo for their leader, Kingpin.


In this reality, Scorpion is one of the superhumans that have been infected by a mutated Legacy Virus combined with Warlock's technarch.


In one reality, Scorpion is one of the founding members of the Heroes For Hire and the Avengers with Black Widow and Black Knight. He was killed by an alternate version of Illyana Rasputin.

In Other Media

Video Games

Scorpion in Spider-Man: The Movie
Scorpion in Spider-Man: The Movie

The Scorpion was first seen in the Spider-Man game for the Playstation console voiced by Daran Norris. He was the boss of the third level of the game. He reappeared in the first Spider-Man movie game, voiced by Mike McColl. In the game, Mac Gargan is a test subject who was given an infusion of arachnid DNA and a high tech suit of armor by Oscorp as part of Norman Osborn's attempts at creating super soldiers. After escaping, he is encountered by Spider-Man beneath the streets of New York, where he reveals that he has an intense pathological fear of spiders. After Spider-Man helps Scorpion defeat a group of robotic spiders sent by Mendel Stromm, Scorpion turns on the hero and has an intense battle before he is defeated and forced to flee. In the game, he wears the short-lived purple armor he wore in the comics during the 90's.

Scorpion in Spider-Man 3
Scorpion in Spider-Man 3

He later appeared in Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, where he was voiced by Fred Tatasciore. He is the third boss and one of the most powerful friends to use. In the loose video game adaptation of the film Spider-Man 3, Scorpion is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Here he is not a villain. Instead, he is a victim of experimentation caused by MechaBioCon. He is at most times brainwashed and was used to free Rhino from police custody. He later tried to kill Doctor Stillwell, one of the scientists who was controlling him, but was defeated and forced to escape while Stillwell was taken into cutody. He sports a more subdued, realistic variation of his armor, which Chris Archer claims is more or less what Scorpion would have looked like had he appeared in the films. Scorpion would also appear in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, voiced by Beau Weaver.

Venom in Ultimate Alliance 2
Venom in Ultimate Alliance 2

Gargan also appears in the game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 as a boss and playable character, sporting the Venom suit. He is a member of the Thunderbolts as well as one of the characters later taken over by the nanites in their bodies. He participates in the attack on Wakanda, where he invades Black Panther's royal palace. The Scorpion appears as a separate boss character in the PS2, Wii, and PSP versions of the game, where he is fought at Prison 42. He is voiced by Walter Bernet as Venom and by Jim Cummings as Scorpion.

Scorpion in Amazing Spider-Man
Scorpion in Amazing Spider-Man

In The Amazing Spider-Man video game epilogue, he is a Cross Species like all other bosses who is infecting Manhattan. He has a green and scaly look mixed with black lines and grey dominating color. He also has acidic abilities. You will fight him on your return to OsCorp Tower. Upon hearing a security guard's announcement, Norman Osborn has ordered to use tranquilizer darts and must apprehend both characters. It was not confirmed why he wants to capture them. Also there are clues pointing out he is creating a nest on the tower. After your escape from Alistair Smythe's sentries and OsCorp's security officers, and a few infected scientist, you will fight him on a foggy glassed area. Defeating him will knock him unconscious. You will again fight him on a dock, where he is attacking dock workers. In the end of the fight, he is under police custody. Reading his character bio will reveal that Doctor Octopus created him with the use of a "black goo", which is a possible reference to Venom. Also he is named MAC (My Astonishing Creation) and his original name may be Mac Gargan. His entire profile has been a mystery.


Spider-Man (1967)

No Caption Provided

Scorpion appears in the 1967 Spider-Man series in an episode called "Never Step on a Scorpion" and was voiced by Carl Beans. He later appears in the episode "Sting of the Scorpion".

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Scorpion appears in the 1981 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "Attack of the Arachnoid."

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

No Caption Provided

Scorpion appears as a recurring villain in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, voiced by Martin Landau and later Richard Moll (after Landau left the series due to winning an Oscar for Tim Burton's film Ed Wood). In the episode "Sting of the Scorpion", Mac Gargan first appears as a meek, spineless private investigator hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out Spider-Man's secret identity. After failing in this task, Gargan is convinced by Jameson to undergo an experiment involving neogenic rays, which transforms him him into the Scorpion. The Scorpion is defeated by Spider-Man after nearly causing a nuclear meltdown, but goes on to appear several more times, eventually joining the show's version of the Sinister Six (dubbed "The Insidious Six" due to censorship issues).

Spectacular Spider-Man

Scorpion never appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man though we hear Norman Osborn thanking him over the phone. Creator Greg Weisman has said that had the show been renewed for a third season, Scorpion would have appeared.

Ultimate Spider-Man

No Caption Provided

The Scorpion first appears in Season 2 of Ultimate Spider-Man, voiced by Dante Basco (best known for voicing Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender). He debuts in the episode "Journey Of The Iron Fist," sporting a vastly different origin. This version of the Scorpion is an Asian teenager from the hidden city of K'un-L'un, who uses Scorpion as a warrior name in much the same way Danny Rand is referred to as Iron Fist. His backstory and personality are largely taken from Davos, an enemy of Iron Fist in the comics. It is revealed that Scorpion and Danny once trained together, and that Scorpion resents him for being chosen to bare the Iron Fist mantle as one of the city's Immortal Weapons. After being revealed to be a villain who has been sabotaging Danny's efforts, Scorpion is defeated and exiled from the city. He does not sport his tail or armor, and instead sports a design similar to the Mortal Kombat character Scorpion.

Scorpion's armored form
Scorpion's armored form

Scorpion later appears in the episode "Return of the Sinister Six" as a replacement for Beetle, who had quit the group after their disastrous first battle. He now sports his iconic tail and armor, both of which were designed for him by Doctor Octopus. He returns in the Season 3 episode "Agent Venom," where he briefly becomes possessed by the Venom symbiote as a nod to the comics. He returns in "New Warriors," where he escapes from the Tri-Carrier's detention level and battles Ka-Zar and Zabu before being defeated. He returns alongside the Sinister Six in the two-part series finale, "Graduation Day," (now voiced by Eric Bauza) where he is defeated by Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man

No Caption Provided

Scorpion appears in the 2017 Spider-Man animated series, serving as one of Spidey's first villains. He has a much larger suit of armor in this version, making him look similar to his modern comic counterpart. He is voiced by Jason Spisak.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Mac Gargan appears in the 2017 film Spider-Man: Homecoming, portrayed by Michael Mando. This version of the character is a criminal and an associate of the Vulture. He is also of Latino descent in this continuity, similar to his Ultimate counterpart.

He first appears during an arms deal gone bad, where he is injured during the ensuing battle between Spider-Man and Vulture. In the mid-credits scene, Gargan is seen in prison, where he tells the Vulture that he and some friends "on the outside" are planning to take down Spider-Man.


Spider-Man Classics Scorpion
Spider-Man Classics Scorpion
  • Toy Biz released multiple Scorpion figures.
  • Scorpion was featured in Toy Biz's Spider-Man Classics line, the sister line to the 6" Marvel Legends line.
  • When Hasbro took over the Spider-Man Classics line, they released two 6" figures of Gargan as Venom: Jaw Slash Venom (a repaint of the earlier Symbiote Blast Venom figure from Toy Biz) and Scorpion Stinger Venom.
  • Hasbro also released a figure of Scorpion as he appeared in the Spider-Man 3 game.
  • Bowen Designs released a statue of Scorpion, as well as a bust.
  • Scorpion was featured in the "Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge" Lego kit, and in the "Spider-Man vs. Scorpion" Mighty Micros kit.
  • The Ultimate (clone) Scorpion was featured in Hasbro's Spider-Man line and as part of a box set released for the Amazing Spider-Man movie line, even though he does not appear in the film.

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