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    Scorpina was one of Rita Repulsa's most ruthless and dangerous minions, besides Goldar, whom she frequently fought alongside. Scorpina currently resides within the World of the Coinless, aiding the Coinless in their fight to return the world to normality.

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    While not much is known about Scorpina’s origins, it is believed that Rita Repulsa raised and acted as a mentor for a younger Scorpina.


    Originally created for the Japanese show Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger in 1992 as a major recurring villain known as Lami. When the show was adapted for Western audiences and turned into Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in 1993, the character was renamed Scorpina but stripped of her history.

    In both Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers the character was played by Ami Kawai, however, voiced by Wendee Lee in MMPR. In the episode Goldar’s Vice Versa, Scorpina was portrayed by Sabrina Lu as it would be the first time she appeared on-screen at the same time as the unmorphed Rangers.

    Major Story Arcs

    TV Show

    Scorpina made several small appearances throughout the first two seasons of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, acting as an antagonist and inconvenience towards the Rangers.

    Scorpina disguised as Sabrina
    Scorpina disguised as Sabrina

    Making her first appearance in part three of the Green with Evil arc in season one, teaming up with the evil Tommy Oliver to defeat the Power Rangers. However, her many attempts to defeat the Power Rangers were always unsuccessful. The closest Scorpina came to defeating the Power Rangers, was when she disguised herself as an Angel Grove teenager and captured Adam and Aisha, only to be thwarted once again. Yet never returned to face the Rangers again.

    It is uncertain what happened to Scorpina after the death of Zordon and the release of the purifying energy wave that destroyed or transformed evil called the Zordon Wave.


    Tommy vs Scorpina
    Tommy vs Scorpina

    After the events of Green with Evil, Scorpina is tasked to retrieve the Green Power Coin and Dragon Dagger from Tommy Oliver after he joined the Power Rangers. Facing off against a lone Tommy alongside a horde of Putty Patrollers, her forces quickly overwhelmed him. On the brink of success, the other Rangers arrived and stopped her plan. Unbeknownst to the Rangers, during the battle, Scorpina was secretly charging a Green Chaos Crystal. Using a combination of Rita’s magic and the energy from the Green Chaos Crystal, they forged a Dragon Dagger and took control of the Dragonzord. Scorpina fought Tommy once more for control of the Dragonzord and was bested by his power, leading to her capture.

    Defeated once again by the Power Rangers, a captured Scorpina is brought to the Command Centre along with the Green Chaos Crystal. During a heated argument between Tommy and Jason, the Chaos Crystal explodes, destroying the Command Centre and consuming Scorpina.

    World of the Coinless

    It is later revealed that Scorpina survived the explosion at the Command Centre and was transported to the World of the Coinless, finding herself allied with Lord Drakkon to figure a way back to her own reality. Under Lord Drakkon, she aided his forces in the fight against the Coinless and the Power Rangers. When Drakkon was eventually defeated and pulled into the main reality, she was left behind to fend for herself. With Drakkon no longer in the picture, Scorpina sought it upon herself to continue the fight against the Coinless, leading the army of Ranger Sentries that were at her command. Waging a war between the forces of the Coinless and Lord Zedd, a brutal war with each faction suffering losses, but ultimately Scorpina came out on top.

    Six months later, Scorpina discovers that the Coinless version of Rita Repulsa has been resurrected, seeking to destroy the world once more with her army of Spirit Sentries. Having no choice but to accept the aid of the Coinless, now led by the Ranger Slayer, together; they defeat Rita Repulsa for the final time, severing the connection she had to the world. No longer at war against the Coinless, Scorpina cautiously accepts the change of leadership, giving up her mantle to Kimberly, choosing her to be the next ruler of the World of the Coinless until they find someone more suitable for the role.

    Scorpina as a Power Ranger
    Scorpina as a Power Ranger

    Now allied with the Coinless, Scorpina aids them in rescuing Drakkon’s prisoners that were in the Deadlock. During her time alongside the Coinless, she begins to develop feelings towards that world’s Adam Park, who helped her shed her more evil intentions before his death.

    In the preparations for the fight against a giant-sized Eclipta, Scorpina is granted a combination of the Red, Pink, Black, and Yellow Power Coins along with her allies. Using that power and the combined efforts of the Coinless and Ranger Sentries they defeat Eclipta.

    Soul of the Dragon

    Scorpina the Witch
    Scorpina the Witch

    Following the TV show’s continuity, Scorpina’s sudden absence is explained. Hungering for more power after her constant defeats at the hands of the Power Rangers, she stole several of Rita’s spellbooks to gain more power. However, was caught by Rita and banished to another dimension by the Space Witch. Arriving in the Talos dimension, ruled over by the wizard Lokar. Hoping to gain some form of power from him, she bargained for years unsuccessfully until the Zordon Wave wiped the main dimension clean of evil, however leaving the Talos dimension untouched. Taking advantage of the situation, Scorpina became Lokar’s agent on Earth, granted even more power than Rita Repulsa ever had; aimed to cause chaos and create her own twisted Rangers.

    Capturing the son of Tommy Oliver, JJ Oliver, she planned to use him as a sacrifice to Lokar to gain even more power, only to be stopped by Tommy and the SPD Rangers. Lokar, furious at Scorpina’s failure, pulled her pack into the Talos dimension to face the consequences of her constant failures.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers Legacy Wars

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    Game Bio:Scorpina is a vicious, fierce, and unmerciful servant of Rita, as well as one of the few enemies that can confront five Rangers Alone. She's often seen fighting alongside Goldar. She transforms herself into a giant scorpion, with an electric tail and a claw in place of her left hand, to fight the Rangers' Megazord.

    Released on 12/11/20.

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

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    Game Bio: Scorpina is one of Rita Repulsa's most ruthless minions. She was released from her imprisonment after Rita created her evil Green Ranger and continues to fight alongside Goldar. From with her pet silkworm, posing as a human teenager to get close to the Rangers, or transforming into her Scorpion form, Scorpina has proven to be one of the most dangerous villains for the Power Rangers.

    Scorpina was released as part of the Season 3 pass.


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