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Scorpiana was created by writer Grant Morrison.


An Argentinean villain who specializes in poisons, Scorpiana leaves a deadly blue scorpion behind as her calling card. In her native Argentina, she's fought the hero called the Gaucho several times. When the Club of Heroes reunited, a blue scorpion was placed in an obvious place to draw attention to the possibility of a Club of Villains.

The Black Glove

When the actual Club of Villains was formed by the Black Glove, Scorpiana was one of the members contacted. She, along with Charlie Caligula's goons, took down Nightwing. She later appears in the operating theater in Arkham clad in a nurse's outfit, waiting for Le Bossu to lobotomize him. She's defeated by Nightwing after he awakens.

Batman, Incorporated

Batman and Gaucho are on the chase for the villain Papagayo, who has kidnapped several children and also taken the Argentinian hero Cimarron captive. When the heroes ambush Papagayo, several crates are broken open in the process, releasing a horde of Scorpiana's trademark "blue scorpion" bombs. Batman, Gaucho, and an injured Cimarron manage to escape them into a hot air balloon (Papagayo's escape plan) and defeat the villain.

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Later on at a social event at Don Santiago Vargas' mansion (Gaucho's civilian identity), Bruce Wayne and Tristessa Delicias (Scorpiana's alter-ego) perform the "tango of death" together. Gaucho is upset at the situation so he storms off as Bruce excuses himself to follow him. During this time, Bruce manages to steal her "oroboro" ring, the symbol of a snake eating its own tail (also a calling card of Leviathan, for whom Scorpiana now works).

Later on, when Batman and Gaucho are caught in a deathtrap by El Sombrero, she is also present next to him (now back in costume). During the hero's fight, she reveals how a younger Gaucho was, in fact, responsible for the death of the first Batwoman, Kathy Kane. This sends Batman into a fit of rage. When El Sombrero is eventually defeated, Scorpiana flees and leaves him to Batman ("you venomous...bitch...").

Scorpiana Abandons El Sombrero
Scorpiana Abandons El Sombrero

It is said in this scene that Scorpiana and El Sombrero were once lovers.

Later, on the island where Dr. Dedalus is being held, the English hero The Hood and Batwoman are introduced to each, as more blue scorpion bombs attack! Batman and Gaucho join the fray as the villainess herself shows up. A fight breaks out between Scorpiana and Batwoman, and the former is eventually defeated and unmasked. Jake Kane (back in Gotham City) on the other end of Batwoman's comms congratulates her for defeating such a formidable foe ("she has over 500 accredited kills. Outstanding finish.").

It is revealed that Scorpiana trained the imposter Batwoman that fought Kate Kane at Kane's Kolossal Karnival.

Powers and Abilities

Scorpiana is an accomplished assassin, having (according to Jake Kane's military records) bionic fighting enhancements and plus-speed reflexes.

The villainess is also notoriously known for her trademark "blue scorpions", which are bombs shaped in a scorpion's likeness. They are often used before Scorpiana herself makes an appearance.


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