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    Shriek's Psychiatrist at Ravencroft who becomes the new host for the Carnage symbiote. She later gains her own symbiote, a spawn of Carnage, and names herself Scorn.

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    Scorn was created when Dr. Tanis Nieves received a prototype prosthetic arm made with the Carnage symbiote.


    Scorn was created by writer Zeb Wells and artist Clayton Crain

    Major Story Arcs


    For more information: Carnage

    Tanis Nieves was a psychiatrist assigned to Shriek. She lost her right arm trying to figure out what was happening to Shriek, and then her arm was replaced bio-mechanical arm that was created from Carnage. Her prosthetic starting giving her hallucinations of her colleagues dead while on her way to Hall Industries M.D. Once there she saw what they were doing to Shriek and demanded to see her. While trying to convince them to let her out her prosthetic arm wouldn't remove itself from the window of the control room. As the scientists were trying to make the arm budge, the symbiote started killing everyone. Her arm then started to strangle Tanis and in fear asked what it wanted to her response it pointed to Carnage. Doing what it asked the prosthetic started breaking the container he was in and touched a piece of his body to make him active and started bonding with Tanis.

    After using Tanis to get to Cletus, the Carnage symbiote left her body, leaving behind a second spawn. Shriek escaped and stole this spawn. Later Tanis stole it back, as the spawn wanted to be with the first host it had been with (Tanis). Tanis let the spawn bond to her in order to stop Shriek's psychic riot gathering, and named herself Scorn. Then Scorn forced Shriek to fire a large sonic blast at Carnage, effectively allowing Spider-man to defeat him. Tanis was left under Tony Stark's care which Spider-Man stated about Tanis "I try to visit her. but her "other" isn't my biggest fan."

    Carnage: USA

    For more information: Carnage: USA

    Scorn is sent along with Mercury Team to Doverton, CO to stop Carnage who has taken the town hostage. While Spider-Man, Venom and Mercury Team deal with Carnage's minions on the streets, Scorn sneaks off to the Ralsby Meat Packing Plant. She reworks the facility into a symbiote separator and combines a semi with a bulldozer plow. When Venom and Carnage fight their way into the facility, Scorn activates the machine which works on Flash and Cletus. She then heads back to the streets and forms a chainsaw combined with the Thing's sonic disruptor. After Venom defeats Carnage, Scorn collects the remains of the symbiote.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Scorn symbiote was incubated in a cyber-symbionic prosthetic. It has no distinction between itself and robotics. Her symbiote is techno-organic, meaning she can assemble and control technology, making it a part of her. Tanis can perform this on both large and small scales, ranging from complex weaponry to full-scale vehicle alteration.


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