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    Scorcher is a super-powered villain, possibly a metahuman who can generate and project plasma blasts from her hands. She was one of five people who comprised the mercenary team known as Dark Nemesis. Her first appearance is Teen Titans #7 - Dark Nemesis.

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    Scorcher and her colleagues were hired by Pylon of the Veil to stage a terrorist attack at the Mall of the Universe in Minneapolis, Minnesota in order to bait the Teen Titans into a trap. It was Pylon's intent to have Dark Nemesis capture the Titans and outfit them with special bracelets that would record and transmit vital biological information about them back to the Veil. Dark Nemesis issued a public challenge to the Titans, one which they readily replied to. During the combat, Scorcher tangled with her thermokinetic counterpart Joto. Scorcher's powers proved to be more intense than his, and she quickly defeated him.

    Although the Titans suffered an initial defeat at the hands of Dark Nemesis, they turned the tide of battle and ultimately defeated them.

    Other Media


    Scorcher appears in season 2 of the television series. She is played by Nadine Crocker.


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