Scoop Scanlon

    Character » Scoop Scanlon appears in 21 issues.

    Star investigative reporter and crime-fighter.

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    Scott Scanlon was an ace reporter for both The Bulletin newspaper. Traveling around the city with his best friend and photographer Rusty James, Scott gained the nickname 'Scoops' for being able to scoop out a story, though he usually ended up doing more crime-fighting than reporting. Scoops and Rusty later transferred to the Daily World-Star paper, where Scoop where he gained a rival and later love interest in Molly O'Moore, a reporter for the Chronicle.


    'Scoop' Scanlon first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938. He was created by Will Ely. 'Scoop' appeared in the first 14 issues of Action Comics for DC, then disappeared after that. He appeared six years later in both Terrific Comics and Cat Man Comics that were being published by Holyoke Comics. 'Scoop' should not be confused with a similarly named character that appeared in World's Finest Comics #6.


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