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While geologist Cassandra Sharp was studying in the remote Death Valley, she was caught in the middle of a sandstorm and smothered by its furious winds. She was recovered by Dayton Industries just barely alive. Cassandra was infused with promethium, created by Steve Dayton "Mento", and changed into Sirocco, Mistress of the Desert Winds.

No ones escapes the desert winds!
No ones escapes the desert winds!

Sirocco was dispatched to fight the Titans due to Mento's hatred of Beast Boy, however she does not wish to fight the Titans, she is under the deranged Mento's psionic helmet's control. However in another encounter with the Titans, the member Raven uses her empathic soul-self to free them from Mento's control.

Later in the superhuman underground arena battles known as the House, a reference wall showed Sirocco as part of the fallen players group. She along with her fellow teammates were seemingly abducted and killed in the villains Roulettes games.


The pale-skinned Scirocco is able to generate hurricane-fast winds that can also enable her to fly. Scirocco can also generate sand blasts, which, when combined with her winds, cause enormously severe damage.

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