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Brief History

Scion was originally found in an enormous egg form. The egg radiated energy and was originally used to fuel the Micronaut's ship. He eventually hatched as a somewhat bug-like violent creature and later evolved into his main humanoid form. Originally he was shrouded in mystery, and it was unclear whose side he was on. He convinced the Micronaut's to accept him as their leader, although they were suspicious of him.  He led them through several adventures, but rarely told them the plan behind their actions, saying they wouldn't understand.

He convinced the Beyonder to destroy three planets in the Microverse as a firebreak to stop a wave of Pain that was sweeping their dimension. The other Micronauts opposed this since it meant sacrificing many lives, but were unable to stop Scion and the Beyonder--although they did kill Scion. The Beyonder resurrected him in a new form, however. It ultimately turned out that he was a Prime Being and descendant of the Makers. He was a central figure in helping to re-seed the Microverse with new life.

Powers and Abilities

Scion was a skilled fighter, able to dodge sword blows from Acroyear from a short distance and fight Acroyear, Huntarr, and Bug in hand-to-hand combat.  He was also superhumanly strong and durable to an unknown degree.  For instance he was able to be hit by Acroyear without significant damage.
- He could absorb energy.  Once he stood directly in the path of the engine thrusters of the Micronaut's starship until he was heated to 10,000 degrees which he then used to breach the Spacewal, allowing the ship to return back to their universe.  He was able to project the energy he absorbed through his hands, or through his entire body, as a field.  He was also able to create project energy even without absorbing it first; for instance as an egg he powered their entire ship.
- He could shape-shift.   
- He had some degree of control over others' bodies.  He was able to force Huntarr to attack Acroyear with his tentacles, and he was able to force Bug to go into an artificial metamorphosis.
- He could fly using his wings.


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