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It´s what father whishes

I´ve complained about this before and now, unfortunately, the same flaw comes haunting this series, which is the excess of unnecessary dialogues, the slow pace and how Marz, instead of moving foward the good and interesting story and plot of this book, insists on pushing too much dialogues about things that aren´t as important as the concerns of Ethan and how to make Sanctuary Isle a place for hope - the proof of that is the fact that the same kind of dialogue (if Ylena should accept her fate or not) is displayed in almost the entire issue, taking place in the lines of King Dane with Mariella, King Bron with Mai Shen and Ylena with Kai (it would be enough to show just one of these conversations, since it´s about the same content - I do believe that this slow pace in a monthly series with an ongoing theme like this book is boring and in the long term could harm sales) - now that Ethan is aware of everything the has transpired in the last 3 issues, I´m eager to know what will be his move and if Dane (Mai Shen) and Bron would be willing to hear about the threat of Tigris - Fern did a better job in this issue, but that´s more due to Leisten´s work.
3.5 out 5

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