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It´s very difficult not to cheer for the Herons in this war, since Marz made of Bron the typical tyrant and bad guy, that only wants power and destruction, so when I learned that the Heron army was betrayed from within, I knew Heron blood would be spilled by the tons and that´s exactly what happens in this issue - honestly this started very slow, almost pathetic, because the two first pages were about Skink briefing Nadia about all that happened to them, but in the next page the attention was all over the battle field and Karl Moline really delivered some amazing action scenes, especially the ones of Kai Vs Bron - also it was cool seeing Ethan restored, with his spirit anew, arriving in the beach, the rendezvous place as seen in issue # 20, especially because now he has a new plan for creating the sanctuary of the lesser races - I´ve missed Cheung, but Moline definitely showed that he´s fit to do this kind of comic book, I really enjoyed it a lot.
4 out 5

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