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Marz is working very well with all the elements of the narrative available to him, both the war strategies that are deliberated by both parties, leading to a decision of Kai to strike the Raven capitol city, and the quest of Ethan to discover a new sanctuary, a new safe place for the underground to live again in peace - I must admit I was a little mad by the fact that everything is happening very fast regarding Ethan´s plans, because it feels like there are gaps within the issues (last issue Ethan and his group were just about to mount camp and now they´re striking a facility to gain access of a Raven vessel that will allow them to go undersea), but it´s obvious that the writer must make a choice to speed things up, so he edits some scenes and explain the missing parts in the dialogues, it´s not the ideal, but it works - Ethan´s plan is very interesting and the way Marz managed to tell the story in the form of a letter, though some captions were too long, it was an intelligent techinque to develop the plot while explanations to Ethan´s fathers were due to - I believe Cheung delivered a fantastic issue here, lot´s of details and great panels - this book is getting very interesting.
4 out 5

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