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Choosing Paths

Ashleigh and Ethan are having trouble to communicate, so she asks Skink a little more about the prince, to figure out what drives him and what are his beliefs ,so the first part of this issue is dominated by a slow pace and some boring dialogues, except for the first pages where Bron is having a heart=to-heart talk with his father´s tombstone - it´s only after Ethan and Ashleigh are done in another discussion that this issue starts to get interesting, since they´re attacked by a lesser race similar to gorilas, so Cheung delivered great action scenes and excellent visuals of the primates, a result of Raven´s experiences with the lesser races - this issue wasn´t good as the previous ones, since it´s just a way through for the next issue, it´s meant only to show Ethan, Ashleigh and Skink on their way to the refugee of the lesser races, but it serves also to show a little more of character development (Ashleigh).
3.5 out 5

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