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Coup D´Etat

Bron - the eldest Raven´s King son - influenced by the First Mai Shen, set in motion his evil plan, after figuring it out that he would be left behind in the succssecional line for the throne, like the cover suggests - the thing is I really thought he would put the blame on Ethan, since he´s skulking in the Raven´s castle (where he was made prisioner before) in order to complete his mission of killing Bron for revenge of his slained brother, but surprisingly his coup´s fault laid in other shoulders, someone close to him - this issue, like the last one, was more about Raven affairs, not showing much of Ethan and action per say, but Marz delivered a solid and consistent narrative here, filled with good dialogues, fitting for the atmosphere of the place: it´s night, a king has been murdered by his own son, it´s raining, the colors help set this mood and Di Vito´s art fits perfectly for this medieval, creepy and dark scenario, where the dungeons seem more cozy than the king´s throne hall. This is a great read for fans of the fantasy genre (Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings).
4 out 5

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