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    Character » Science Dog appears in 39 issues.

    Science Dog is half man, half dog, and all hero.

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    Real name: Science
    Occupation: Scientist, adventurer
    Identity: Publicly known
    Legal status: Naturalized citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record
    Known aliases: None
    Place of birth: Unrevealed
    Marital status: Single
    Known relatives: None
    Group affiliations: None
    Base of operations: Unrevealed


    Science Dog happens to be Mark Grayson's favorite comic book hero.
    As the main character in the long running Science Dog comic book, "Science" is a heroic hybrid of hound and human who embarks on fantastic pulp adventures, frequently with the fate of the world at stake.
    Created by Eisner-award winning cartoonist Filip Schaff, Science Dog's adventures have been published around the world and translated into thirteen languages. The Science Dog comic has spawned a line of action figures, a saturday morning cartoon, and a variety of merchandise ranging from electric tooth brushes to a line of dog food.
    According to the comics, Science began as the personal pet and lab mascot of the brilliant but aloof Dr. Collins, who was working on an experimental time machine. Dr. Collin's rigid lab assistant Walter objected to Science's presence in the lab, but lab assistant Daniel rightly concluded that Science had a positive influence on Dr. Collins. One day, during a test of the time machine, Science chased a ball towards the apparatus as it activated. Walter ran after Science, and both of them were caught within a temporal explosion. Dr. Collins was killed in the blast, and Daniel lost the use of his legs.
    Walter and Science, however, were not harmed. The molecules in Walter and Science's bodies had advanced a million years in the future - instant physiological evolution. Science was now a powerfully built bipedal dog man with increased strength and speed. The greatest change to Science took place in his mind he was now a super-genius ten times as intelligent as the smartest human being. Walter, on the other, hand, had gained incredible psychokinetic powers but had been physically deformed by the temporal effect.
    Daniel took over Dr. Collins's lab, and he and his new lab assistant Rachel help Science Dog in his battle against the forces of evil and his never ending odyssey into the unknown. Science Dog has been blazing into battle on his jetpack on behalf of mankind for years now, and togetherhis team is responsible for saving the world a number of times over.
    Walter walked a different road, however. His naturally mean nature was distorted into dangerous megalomania by his newfound mental powers and he became Science Dog's greatest adversary.
    Science Dog strictly exists in the world of comics and cartoons, altough Invincible was once confronted by what appeared to be his hero in real life, complete with trademark red shirt and jetpack. Science Dog was in reality a Mantis alien who had adopted the form of the beloved character when making first contact with Invincible.
    Using a synthetic exo-skeleton shell that allowed him to assume any shape, the alien incorrectly assumed that Invincible would find the form of Science Dog non-threatening. The alien was mistaken, and revealed his true form after Invincible pummeled him.
    To this day, Science Dog remains an enduring and beloved fixture. In a recent study, Science Dog was the 29th most recognizable icon of pop culture icons, right after the Savage Dragon. An entire generation of kids grew up singing the theme song to the Science Dog cartoon. Every year, devoted fans gather in Sacramento, CA for Science Dog Days, a three day celebration of the crime busting canine. Science Dog may not be real, but he lives in the hearts of devoted fans the world over.

    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 255 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Coat: Brown/Grey
    Strength level:
    Science Dog possesses supercanine strength enabling him to lift 1 ton under optimal conditions.


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